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Face masks for men

stereotype that men should not use cosmetics, have long been dispelled - and, thank God.Personally, I believe that man is simply obliged to monitor their skin, hands, feet, and perform all manipulations in order to look neat and well-groomed.Hardly anyone from the fair sex like a man with dirty fingernails or a rash on the face.Therefore, in today's publication, I am pleased to share with you, dear man, simple, but very effective recipes masks for facial skin care.Moreover, we strongly recommend you to use a mask regularly to have your darling desire to touch you and your skin is constantly present.After caring for male facial skin is not only washing and shaving.Nutrition, hydration and protection - this is a full list of what needs men's skin.Well, to help you achieve these results mask recipes for men.

as men cleansing of the skin using cosmetic clay or activated charcoal, which helps to bring all the dirt from the deep layers of the epidermis.You can use any of the cosmetic clay: pink, blue, white,

etc.Clay can mix cosmetic oils, including essential, as well as natural products.We offer an example of one of these face masks.

Preparation and application: dissolve in a small clay container with warm water to a thick slurry.Instead of plain water, you can use mineral water.In the ready-mix, rub a small amount of cucumber and mix well.Apply the mask to cleansed face, except the eye area.Soak it for 10 minutes and rinse with copious amounts of warm water.

This mask is especially recommended for those men who have seen this morning puffiness and swelling of the face.It's easy and can be done before going to work.

If your skin looks tired, it will help restore a healthy peach complexion, smooth wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and cleanse the pores.

Preparation and application: mix in blender half peach (pulp) with a tablespoon of brandy.The resulting mixture is put on a clean face, soak for 10 minutes and rinse with cool water.

recipe following mask will help keep the male face from chapping in cold and saturate it with useful vitamins and microelements.

Preparation and application: two tablespoons of oat flakes pour two tablespoons of hot milk.Mix well, allow to stand, and when the mixture has cooled slightly, apply it on the face.Allow the mask for about 20 minutes, then rinse it with warm waters.

This face mask is particularly recommended for use after a fun-filled holiday or a party.Potatoes help to remove the swelling, reduce inflammation, soften and tone the skin.

Preparation and application: one middle tuber raw or boiled potatoes grate on fine grater, wrap in cheesecloth and apply to the face.Relax with a mask on your face for half an hour, then rinse with water at room temperature.

from time to time male skin requires careful and deep cleansing.Therefore, we suggest that you use a special mask that removes dead skin cells, promotes regeneration and skin renewal.

Preparation and application: Mix three tablespoons of oatmeal with a teaspoon of baking soda.Add to the mixture a small amount of warm water until the consistency of thick cream.The resulting mixture was put on the face, except for the area around the eyelids, massaging in a circular motion and carefully rub the "problem" areas of the skin with fingertips.After five minutes, rinse with warm water.

As you can see, home to prepare the mask for the face will not be difficult even the layman, since all the products can be found at your fingertips.In preparation for this leaves a maximum of 5 minutes.Well, if we add 10-15 minutes of time required for the procedure, it can be concluded that the beauty minimum number of required costs.

care for themselves and remain always men!

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