Healthy lifestyle

Quit smoking, I gained weight

Many of yesterday's associates complained that, quitting smoking, they immediately feel the weight gain.Others even motivate the inability to leave so that they will recover from a bad habit.So how do you avoid it and what to do?

Yes, weight gain often occurs in an environment more dependent on cigarettes yesterday.And that's OK, because these people have a desire to chew, and they eat high-calorie foods in the form of chocolates, nuts, seeds.And it is necessary to give preference to fruit and dried fruit.

Smokers still stands glycogen, which increases blood sugar levels.Puffs Nicotine speeds up the metabolism, and when a person refuses to smoking, the body is experiencing a shortage of nicotine stress.Then the food begins to be absorbed 100%, and recruited extra kilos.But this is not the weight, because you want to experience.Usually more than 5-6 kilograms a person is not gaining.And those with the time he had gone with proper nutrition and lifestyle.

However, this does not mean that giving up cigar

ettes, you need to immediately go on a diet.Diet is another stress for the body.Just be excluded from the fast-food menu, not to eat after 18.00, eat more fruits and vegetables than animal foods.

very important in this period to comply with the correct water regime.Usually people do not attach importance to drink water throughout the day.For normal operation, the gastrointestinal tract, especially in a period of cleansing the body from nicotine, you need to train yourself to drink two liters of fluid a day.And to drink properly.A glass or two of water you need to drink one hour before meals, and then, after that, it is recommended to drink no earlier than 40 minutes.No need to drink at night, for 2-3 hours before bedtime, so as not to burden their kidneys.

Moderate exercise such power in the background will help you lose weight properly and without harm to the body.A good option would be the swimming pool or the gym.

should understand that weight gain - a trifle compared to the benefit that receives the body by giving up cigarettes.Thus the body is cleansed of toxins and adjusts its metabolism.A person becomes healthier, it comes in harmony with them.

help the body cope with the long-term nicotine intoxication green vegetables.They should be in your menu daily.It is also the perfect companion in this process will be the foods rich in vitamin C. The antioxidant properties of this vitamin will boost the immune system and help the body to work smoothly, clearly.Rich in vitamin C, citrus, black currant, onions, garlic, bell pepper.

As for drinks, you eliminate from the diet (or at least, reduce to 1 cup per day) of coffee.Better to opt out of aerated water, it's extra calories.Preference should be given herbal teas and non-carbonated mineral water.

With regard to diet, it is best to go to a fractional.That is to consume food is not familiar to you three times a day, 4 or 5. Eat more often and need small portions.It is better if before lunch will be more high-calorie foods in the menu to which you are accustomed to, and for dinner you have to limit the fish, salad, fruit.

Yes, it will be difficult the first week.Then you will feel extraordinary lightness in the body and realize that all of these changes - the only benefit.

It is important at this time to be busy, to avoid the temptation to smoke.Plunge headlong into an important project, engage in repair the car, think for yourself for a long occupation that requires concentration and work in one place without the ability to run on smoke breaks.

By the way, yesterday's helping many smokers chewing matches.This substitute in form simulates cigarette and taste of chewing, to some extent help to forget about cigarettes.

And be aware that women who quit smoking, are more prone to weight gain than men.

And most importantly - should tune in to a positive result.You will succeed and say goodbye to cigarettes, and control your weight.Yes, not once, not avoid the difficulties, temptations will appear, but the goal is reached.The return to a healthy lifestyle - a healthy breath, new opportunities, strength and victory over the other.