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The harm of nicotine

Nicotine addiction, as, indeed, any other, is a demonstration of human weakness and stupidity at the same time.The weakness seen in the fact that the dependent can not get rid of a bad habit - and stupidity is that he pays money for something to ruin their health.As a consequence - the risk of cancer and a whole bunch of opportunistic diseases.

reasons for smoking are many, but there is a basic characteristic of the beginning of "friendship" with cigarette most people.Here they are:

About reduction of life expectancy under the influence of tobacco sure everyone knows.One cigarette shortens it to 10 minutes, and a pack of cigarettes daily - for 8-12 years.

Nicotine enters into our body through the lungs, mucous membranes and skin.Within 8 seconds after inhaling it gets to the brain.The biggest hit of nicotine obtained under the influence of the cardiovascular and central nervous system.

dependent people have pain in the heart quickens the pulse.The heart begins to expend much more energy than a non

-smoker healthy heart.Heart dependent on the person smoking the day makes to 14 thousand cuts more than the heart-smoking.This additional load, which leads to wear of the heart muscle.That is, it is, like the rest of the body, was aged much faster.There is also a risk of vascular spasm, which is a consequence of myocardial infarction or angina.Smoking - this is the development of hypertension, atherosclerosis.

Very often dependent people smoke after a meal.And this is a big risk of gastritis, which is manifested decrease of gastric juice, and decreased appetite.A man grows thin, weakens, gets tired quickly.

Under the influence of nicotine narrows its blood vessels, which is fraught with the deterioration of blood supply of all organs of the body.It is easy to understand that at the same time and their work deteriorates.In fact, all the organs of premature aging, and reduces the overall immunity of the body.Not surprisingly, the first people who smoke get sick influenza and acute respiratory diseases during epidemics, because their defenses are very low.

Today, young couples are increasingly turning to doctors for infertility.This disease is also a consequence of smoking.After all, in the body of male smokers sperm become lethargic and weak.They can not fertilize an egg.And sometimes they just can not move, not to mention the fertilization.If a woman smokes, then in her body hormonal disruptions occur, broken cycle.If such a woman gets pregnant, then it can happen fading fetal miscarriages.When Mom smokes in the period of gestation of their baby, the birth can greatly complicated.Subsequently, the child can manifest mental retardation, it will be difficult to go to school and to assimilate software knowledge.

So, cigarettes - is premature aging, low performance, the risk of having unhealthy children.Should this dubious pleasure in the form of cigarettes?

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