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Harmful if health hookah

Hookah or Cigarettes?What is less harmful to health?Such questions are often asked narcologists smokers trying to understand the issue.So, we find out the effect of hookah on health.

Hookah - a special vessel for smoking, which allows the smoke to cool and filter it.Usually, he is charged with water or wine.This may be another fluid to produce a smoke taste and filtration.In the liquid container with such a tube is immersed.As smoke enters it into the water, and then through another tube out above the water level and enters the smoker's respiratory system.

Hookah was invented in India.Since that time, it quickly spread among the Muslim population.When the fashion for oriental exoticism came to Europe, and there he has become quite popular.

Today, there is a belief that hookah is less harmful to the human body than cigarettes.The reasons alleged in smoke filtration.But is it?

Many perceive this method of smoking as a harmless exoticism.At the same time argue that it does not cause addiction.But in fac

t a special hookah tobacco contains nicotine.Its concentration in the pack was 50 grams of 0.05%, that is 25 mg of nicotine.In one refueling smoking bulb contains nicotine dose of 6.25 mg.In a conventional cigarette, nicotine only 0.8 mg.It is easy to compare one and the other.Recall that nicotine is an alkaloid with neurotoxic effects, addictive.Proponents argue hookah it safe from the water filter.But all the nicotine in water is left, and the water quality is not a filter for the smoke.That is, in any case, a hookah smoking - a delivery dose of nicotine into the body and the formation of the smoking addiction.If you wish to light bulb with tubes is not always around, and people will run for cigarettes in order to rise up.Therefore, non-smoking young people who sometimes indulge in eastern smoking views, can quickly switch to regular cigarettes.

hookah Supporters believe that the tobacco mixture for it contain fewer toxins than regular cigarettes.But it is just the opposite.

on tobacco packages often there are no markings on the content of harmful substances.

coals in the hookah heated to 600 degrees, and with the smoke in the respiratory system of a person enters except nicotine also benzopyrene.It is a carcinogen of the first class of danger.It poses a threat to humans in very low concentrations, because it is able to accumulate in the human body and lead to lung cancer.And this substance has mutagenic.Mutations in DNA can be transferred and inherited, they are very stable.

When smoking a hookah in the lungs also get heavy metals, carbon monoxide released during the combustion of coal and tobacco.Carbon monoxide binds much stronger to hemoglobin than oxygen, so oxygen starvation occurs.His experience heart and liver, kidney and muscle, but most other organs are affected the brain and heart.The brain of oxygen for establishing the most important organs begin to reduce its supply in the less important organs.When the load on the heart increases, and it is strongly reduced.So a vicious circle of health.Heart when smoking hookah is reduced, as well as during training athletes, only the latter it does not experience oxygen deficiency.By the way, according to statistics, and smokers of conventional cigarettes and hookah smokers are equally prone to heart disease and onkoboleznyam.

And passed around the mouthpiece can cause hepatitis and tuberculosis, herpes and viral diseases.

German scientists have shown that hookah smoke is not less harmful than regular cigarettes smoke.And this used to produce tobacco blends often artisanal, rarely checked for quality standards.

room for smoking hookah tobacco is always saturated with smoke and embers.That is harmful to non-smokers (as passive smokers) also does more.

So, hookah is not an alternative to cigarettes.His health risks no less than the dangers of cigarette smoke.