Healthy lifestyle

How to deal with smoking

Smoking - that harmful and paradoxical habit.After all, a person pays money for something to ruin their health cigarettes.Over time, as it happens, sooner or later, he was again looking for money on something to improve my health.After all, nobody has managed to insulate itself from the effects of smoking and nicotine effects on organs and systems.How to deal with smoking?What methods are effective?

problem of dependence on tobacco is so serious that the government has to take measures for the protection of citizens from this addiction.Examples of this - bans on smoking in public places and sale of tobacco products to minors, the rise in price of cigarettes and preventive educational activities among the younger generation.But how effective are they?Dependence on smoking do not throw this habit, they are not afraid of a rise in price of cigarettes and the fact that they robbed the family budget.Total restricted measures are ineffective.Psychologists say that the more effective is to cultivate a healthy

lifestyle.Schooling of children from early childhood to the sport - it is a taboo on cigarettes, because friendship with them just do not give opportunity to achieve success in wrestling.

Yes and public events do not bring the benefit of all.Each person needs to start with yourself, and not to look at others and argue that work colleagues smoke more cigarettes per day.You should always be equal to the best and most successful, not erring and weak.

Smoking can try to first convert in the noble tradition, and then to eradicate completely.Thus, cigarettes are replaced for this purpose with a costly pipe tobacco.It reduces the need for nicotine, and the process becomes unhurried ritual.Smoking tube - a step towards the replacement therapy.

Electronic cigarettes also reduce the dose of nicotine consumption and are a form of replacement therapy.One special patches help, others - gum.Susceptible smokers to stop myself, can view videos about the dangers of smoking with a demonstration of the type of light chain smoker.

Today, medicine has a large arsenal of methods to get rid of nicotine addiction.This, for example, different types of coding.But psychologists say that get rid of smoking can only own arbitrary decision.Only such a way to reduce the number of breakdowns and returns to the fatal passion.

has long been in Russia grass used to quit smoking.There are a number of plants that have proven to be great helpers to combat smoking.Thus, we consider them:

use of these herbs - not a panacea, but merely aids to facilitate parting with cigarettes.