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How to get out of the binge

Alcohol binges and are inseparable from each other.Booze - it is one of the main symptoms of alcohol dependence, which is characterized by the use of alcohol for several days.Someone is trying to hold on after that, but it turns out not at all.How to go from binge yourself and how to help loved ones to do it?

No one can make you do anything, including to get out of the binge.If you have decided that you want to stop the bout.The desire and pursuit of this - 80% success rate.That is why specialists and clinics for the removal of heavy drinking refuse to help addicts who are not confident in their abilities.from binge release difficulty is the physical and psychological dependence on alcohol.

Method three days helping yourself get out binge.The first day - this is unacceptable hangover.It is very important in terms of willpower.It helps to cope with t

he desire to drink plenty of fluid intake.At the beginning of the first day you can drink an aspirin and a few charcoal tablets.Aspirin helps to cope with the pain, coal - removes toxins from the body.It should also try to go to sleep, because sleep - the best healer, and in this case, eliminate the headache, a hangover and a strong desire to meet the drinking buddies.

On the second day in the morning after a contrast shower should drink strong and sweet black tea, because glucose helps the cardiovascular system and invigorates the body.Coffee is better not to use.On the second day is better to give preference to dairy products, and in the evening bring himself to drink hot soup.On the third day, the power must be complete to fully rejuvenate the body.On this day, we must also eat dairy products.

Statistics show that out of their own binge only one.What to do if a loved one is drinking a few days?First of all, understand that the scandals and aggressively snatch a bottle can not be a drunk.It is necessary to give a person sleep it off.If a person has been a rapid pulse and weakness, it is the first signs of a hangover.He wants to drink again, and at this point you need to start to act - should call a doctor.Normally this help dropper which cleaves alcohol toxins removes them from the body through the kidneys.Within hours, people will feel better.

for complex influence on the person to withdraw from the binge, it is necessary to feed him foods that have a bracing effect and a sobering effect.This rich broth of beef or soup of sauerkraut, honey and buckwheat.

usually provocative role in the excessive enthusiasm of alcoholic beverages play a fellow drinking buddies.Therefore it is very important to protect the individual from the provocations of this factor, that is, limit contact with others who share "dialogue" person with a bottle.But to threaten and humiliate, screaming and sympathize alcoholic binge in the period is not necessary.You also can not allow themselves to be manipulated, blackmailed and "beat on pity" to imagine.

Display loved one from binge helps ammonia.A few drops should be diluted in a glass of cold water to drink and dependent.Good help to cope with headache, discomfort and lethargy pills "Metronidazole".They should be swallowed immediately and drink plenty of water.After 2-3 hours after that can be given to an alcoholic one tablet "Furosemide".This drug has a diuretic effect and helps to remove toxins from the alcohol-dependent organism.With a headache during the removal of a person binge cope "Paracetamol" or "Alkazelttser".If you have a dependent has a heart problem, you need to stock up on tools such as "Validol" and "Corvalol".