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How to quit smoking

features of each of us are limitless.Every person on forces to cope with bad habits, to fight the disease and overcome themselves.If there is a strong desire, and opportunity, tools, aides in achieving the goal there.And with smoking addiction.It is only necessary to know how to stop and correct to do so.

Many people tend to quit smoking, but they fail.They do not try to understand the reasons for their failures.To begin to formulate precisely for yourself the reason why you want to give up cigarettes.This may be a desire to protect children from secondhand smoke, avoid diseases that are already beginning to develop in the body, to save money the family budget, increase its efficiency, to do sports.

define the purpose, you need to clearly set itself and the timing of its execution.It is best if you are planning to say goodbye to addiction for 2 months.Tighten it is not necessary, and tune in to a positive result and think about everything carefully - you need to.Consider a situation where you strongly

want to smoke.It stresses the desire to relax in the company of colleagues to support, anger?Try to avoid these situations.For example, think about how the other way you can relax?Maybe it's a cup of fragrant oolong tea, tonic and gives energy?Why not relax with a clip?A few minutes of pleasant emotions can also increase efficiency in the office.What is the alternative to cigarettes as a means of relaxation to choose - you decide.But it is not necessary to replace the nicotine candies and crackers.It is better to use chewing gum and can gamibazin containing substances that cause an aversion to smoking.

And cigarettes need to say goodbye in one day to take a pack and throw in the trash, cut or break it.But to show it in front of others do not.After all, you do it for yourself and for your health.Sometimes it helps in the early days of care at the hospital.After all, if you are a smoker surrounded by colleagues, do not go for a smoke break immediately on the first day will be difficult, but if in the early days of giving up cigarettes will you be home, say goodbye to the addiction will be easier.You can just take time off or leave without pay.The goal is worth it.

Psychologists recommend to use the tactic of parting with cigarettes.It involves a preparatory stage:

To do this, there are aids.You can try to use baking soda rinse.It should be in a glass of warm water to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda.Rinse your mouth should be several times a day.Not superfluous will help the doctor, who may prescribe drugs or Tabeks lobeline, varenicline or tsititon.

Research scientists among former smokers show that 70% of them said goodbye to the bad habit on their own through the power of the will, desire, and the hardness of the decision.Of great importance in this period plays a support of loved ones who have from time to time to praise the person for hardness, repeating that he will succeed, that his appearance changed for the better.