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Among the many ways to get rid of alcohol addiction and have medical treatment, which consists in the use of certain medications.One of them - a drug Medihronal.What are its features and what is the mechanism of action?How should I take the medicine, and what are its equivalents?Let's face it.

choosing anti-alcohol drug, you need to focus on its detoxifying action.It is binding and excretion of human acetaldehyde, the prevention of its formation.

OTC Product Medihronal is a modern pathogenic agent, which is used to relieve symptoms of alcohol intoxication or hangover.

Medihronalom treat alcohol dependence.This drug has a multi-component composition.It includes glucose and sodium formate, glycine and polyvinylpyrrolidone, which provides effective neutralization and operatively displays the body alcohol and acetaldehyde.Detoxification function of this drug is not as effective as a traditional drip.In addition, Medihronal improves brain activity and normalize metabolic processes, removes the craving for

alcohol and prevent relapse.The drug also has a hepatoprotective effect and improves liver function.Medihronal prevents flow of liquor in the liver toxins and neutralize them.The drug eliminates anxiety and restlessness, irritability and insomnia.

This safe drug prevents the development of a hangover.His reception for 30-40 minutes before the feast saves man from the development of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, reduces the material means to cure a hangover, can save operation after feasts, keeps on drinking bouts, safeguard against poisoning low-quality alcohol.

That is before taking poisons, which are spirits, Medihronal serve as a kind of antidote.

Indications for use of this medication is alcohol intoxication and withdrawal syndrome, chronic alcoholism.

How competently take Medihronal?It is intended for oral administration after meals.It should dissolve the contents of the two sachets (№1 and №2) 100-150 grams of warm water or another non-carbonated beverage.This solution should be taken once or twice on the first day of treatment and once during the second and third days of treatment.

Medihronalom course of treatment in the case of chronic alcoholism lasts seven days.It is recommended to go through three courses of therapy with the mandatory three-day interval between them.

What analogues medications?It is drugs that have the same name or the international ATC-Code.But you should know that self-appoint themselves analogue of a drug can not, for this you should consult with your doctor.

So Medihronal drug is a modern tool in the treatment of alcoholism.But we should not forget the need to consult a physician before use a particular drug.The same applies to Medihronala.It should also be closely acquainted with the instructions to the drug and contraindications for use.