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Smoking hookah people began long before they learned to write.After all, in ancient times essays mentions smoking sweet fragrant herbs.Consequently, water pipe smoking culture dates back more than six thousand years ago.

But we, modern people, it is usually associated more with Muslim customs and traditions.Men Eastern countries by honoring their guests, be sure to offer them with fragrant pipe tobacco.hookah smoking and culture like the Europeans, so now this "luxury" can afford to each of us.However, few people know that inhaling the fragrant smoke from a special tube is not limited to this ritual.It is more a philosophy than normal smoking.About the tradition of water pipe smoking, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as many other things explain in more detail later.

Let's start with the fact that for non-residents of hookah smoking etiquette Eastern countries could not just take offense, but also to expel from the hookah.In the East, it decided to resort to the ritual only after the sun goes

down, accompanying the ceremony leisurely conversation and drank delicious tea.

Israel hookah smoking can even be combined with listening to Beethoven in a concert hall.In some schools, you can take the flask with a tube rental.

Hookah has become habitual thing for Europeans.Its smoke in the company of friends, and alone.Therefore, in order not to violate the accepted etiquette, let's learn a few rules, which, moreover, will help get the most out of this ritual.

To begin with, it is desirable that hookah smoking on a full stomach, in a relaxing atmosphere, and therefore, it is necessary to choose some cozy place, where no one will disturb you relax.The best way to smoke a hookah, not sitting low ottoman or pillow.You can also get reclining.Well, the rules and etiquette of hookah smoking examine further:

Thus, following a few simple rules, you will not be "trapped" and will appear properly in the company of smokers fragrant mixtures.

If you think that tobacco smoke passing through water filter tube is not so harmful to the body, like the smoke from smoking, then you are very wrong.The hookah tobacco add various flavorings that eliminate tobacco taste, but nicotine in hookah is still there.

important to note that no matter how touted harmless hookah is not indicated on the packaging of low levels or absence of tar and nicotine, all this is nothing but a deceptive advertising course to attract customers.Damage from water pipe body is applied fairly substantial.Judge for yourself:

Since hookah tobacco contains banned additives, its smoking provokes development of various respiratory diseases.Also at risk of cardio-vascular system, mouth, teeth.Quite often there is an allergy and various additives in the hookah tobacco.

important role played by this habit, and in the development of lung cancer, colon, esophagus, stomach, and pancreas.

girls who are addicted to smoking a hookah, you should know that this leads to premature aging, the appearance of under-eye circles, yellowing teeth.During the session, the body gets a large amount of carbon monoxide, heavy metals, carcinogenic chemical compounds.That's why smoking hookah is five times higher risk of lung cancer than those who do not smoke.And if, in addition, use of low quality tobacco, and even with the addition, it is not only irritating to the respiratory organs, and cause allergies.

And, of course, those people who are addicted to smoking hookah, are no different from people who are dependent on nicotine.

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