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Can I smoke in angina

no secret that the immune system of smokers is significantly lower compared to people who do not have this addiction.Dependence on tobacco are more prone to colds.Most often they get sick and sore throat.But what if it be cigarettes?Certainly, healing of smoking lasts more slowly?Try to understand.

angina (tonsillitis) - an infectious disease.It is caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses.Angina affects the tonsils (tonsils).Smokers are much more prone to tonsillitis.Indeed, in the cold season, they smoke in the street and go there for a couple of times a day (if not more).A stay in the zone of reduced temperature in humans with low immunity always causes colds and sore throats as well.

predominant cause sore throat are streptococcus bacteria.You can become infected by contact, as a factor facilitating the disease is always a low immunity.Once in the body, long-term infection itself may not be.A sore throat can contribute to disease presence of adenoids in the nasopharynx, purulent infection in it, or sinusi

tis.At first, angina symptoms are similar to symptoms of acute respiratory infections (ARI).They appear suddenly.This slight indisposition, squeezing, or sore throat.The word «ango» Latin translates as compression, stifle.Next angina temperature rises to 37-39 degrees, increase the lymph nodes in the neck.

lacunar tonsillitis is characterized by the appearance of purulent plaque on the tonsils.When tonsillitis pus focus in the follicles, tonsillar abscesses appear.When acute inflammation, the tonsils themselves have become sources of infection.The swelling can spread to the cervical lymph nodes and the eustachian tubes, middle ear and sinuses.Then, a sore throat is amplified so that normal swallowing brings incredible burden.The man even refuses to eat for fear of testing with the excruciating pain when swallowing food.So can thus also deliberately worsen their situation by smoking?

Once a person pulls the cigarette smoke, he puts all of his organs serious blow.When angina, as indeed in other diseases, our body activates all the body's defenses to fight the disease.Each of our cells take part in this struggle.Cigarettes at this time only reduce the body's defenses.After all, nicotine and carcinogenic fumes fill the lungs and the blood spread throughout the body, including to the soft tissues of the throat.The blood is poisoned, increases the load on the genitourinary system, the heart, inhibited the protective function of the lymphoid tissue.

addition to the above, tobacco inhibits the action of drugs that the doctor prescribes for angina.He completely neutralizes the effect of rinses, inhalations and other procedures that are used to treat tonsillitis.This, in turn, can facilitate the transition to a chronic form of angina.By the way, chronic tonsillitis is more common in smokers.

disease angina although it is not very serious illness, but in the use of cigarettes healed significantly longer than a non-smoker.Therefore, in itself tonsillitis - an excellent opportunity to opt out of smoking.

to say goodbye to a good time with an addiction, it is not required to suppress thoughts about smoking.After all, British scientists proved that blocking thoughts about tobacco over time, leads to even more dependent on him.

Doctors recommend angina use special patches to ease withdrawal from cigarettes.And in the end, the disease is precisely the opportunity, which is given to man to make important health decisions.So decide and healthier!