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Prayer smoking

Get rid of long-term nicotine addiction want all smokers.However, this is only a little force, when it comes to parting with this self-destructive habit."I want to, but I can not," - this phrase uttered hundreds of thousands of smokers.This is not surprising, because all the negative becomes a habit quickly and get rid of such habits oh, how difficult it is.It is extremely difficult for people who do not have spiritual power and think that only one desire to quit smoking.The desire combined with prayer and turning to God for help accelerate this process.

We turn to God and the Virgin Mary is often when it is difficult.When everything is in order, we do not go to church, and the posts do not observe and do not confess.A man's faith in God, supported by constant communion with God through prayer is the spiritual force which is so lacking in human good works and intentions.Therefore, there are phrases like: "I want to, but I can not."

Many will oppose that prayer is essentially a monologue.Yes, it is a mo

nologue-treatment, a monologue, a request that the Almighty hears.In response to these requests and it gives us health and peace, understanding and healing.God hears everyone and helps in good deeds and aspirations.

order for your desire to give up cigarettes for good to become a reality, it is necessary to reinforce prayers.Of course, it needs to be baptized and go to church.If you do not do and do not know how to turn to God with such requests, then doing so.On Sunday morning, come to the church.Crossing its threshold, the cross hairs.Buy some candles, write a note for his health, a priest who read during the Divine Liturgy.Read mentally prayer "Our Father ...".Then go to the candlestick, and light the candle.Put the first candle and mentally ask God to grant you patience.Second place candle for his health.The third place candle and ask God to help you get rid of smoking addiction, to give you this power.Putting three candles, crossed himself.Then you can go to the icon of St. Nicholas.It is considered by the all-powerful human desires and requests.Refer also to him to work a miracle - to help you give up smoking forever.Also, put the candle near his image.

course, do not expect that you immediately cease to pull to cigarettes.Praying is necessary, and the house in the morning and evening.Seek God often, and you need every day.

You can buy a special book in the church - Prayer.It has Hymn of Jesus Christ, the Guardian Angel.Reading these prayers will also help you to become stronger.Consult your Guardian Angel, who is present in every baptized person, it is possible in simple words.

There is a special prayer on the passion of smoking St. Ambrose of Optina.An icon of the saint and prayer can be purchased at the church.In addition, there are selling the book "Prayers for help in family needs."You can find there a prayer for the gift of patience, which will serve as an assistant in getting rid of smoking.There is also a prayer of demonic temptations and advice Ambrose of Optina.

Read these prayers every day.Firstly, their careful reading will help you to not think about smoking, your thoughts will be occupied by understanding the words of prayer.Second, the more often you read them, the more spiritual support will receive, the more your spirit will get stronger.

help to become stronger and to quit smoking on their own Confession and Communion.These ordinances always make a person spiritually richer and stronger.It heals the soul and body, guiding the path of purification from all evil, including smoking.

Prayers are also available for the health of the church.This is a special prayer, which will be read for 40 days and will be another spiritual helper on the way to get rid of the addiction.