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Drug addiction

dependence - a state of the sick person, who for the sake of the drug is capable of even the most serious crimes, it is a sick body, where there are practically no healthy bodies, and their age is several times greater than the biological.Drug dependence is a crippled life of man and his family, the daily fear of breaking.

root of the problem lies in the fact that a person is not satisfied with their lives and looking for a way to change it for the better.Deficiency of joy in real life, and the lack of mutual understanding in the family - that's the main reason for the beginning of drug use and acquisition of dependence on them.

way, it affects a specific combination of human genes, which prevents to be happy in the real world.Deficiency of joy, warmth, understanding and self-realization, perceived from an early age, encourages the person to search for other, more colorful and bright world.Then, when circumstances he begins to use drugs.Those who offer drugs for the first time, promising another life,

which soon becomes a living hell.

cause of drug addiction and the fact that the man does not give up the first time, there is a dysfunctional family: the absence of a parent or as such at all, alcoholism, domestic violence, employment of parents.That is, families of addicts help pave the road depending harmful to their children.

There are two types of addiction - physical and psychological.

The first consists in the constant quest to experience the incredible feeling of psychological discomfort or shoot drugs.This dependence occurs after several times of using drugs.Psychological dependence is the result of the human desire for change in his condition, wish to forget.His mind is constantly filled with that, he is in anticipation of receiving the next dose.This desire guides all actions of man, and the reality - duties, study, work - goes by the wayside.

Physical dependence occurs when the body has already reconstructed and used for consumption of narcotic drugs.This kind of dependence is manifested withdrawal symptoms.Without drug dependence it becomes very bad.Different types of drugs produce different pattern of withdrawal symptoms.

Absolutely all kinds of drugs to a greater or lesser extent, damage the nervous and immune system, liver, heart, lungs.

cannabis smoking causes lung cancer and bronchitis, myocarditis and liver toxicity, brain damage.

Opiate drugs - is the risk of contracting AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis.As a result of chronic hepatitis in dependence of developing liver failure or liver cancer, sepsis and thrombophlebitis, pneumonia and encephalopathy.

Hallucinogens act as well as opiate drugs, but they also destroy the psyche.Hypnotics, sedatives affect the brain, heart, liver, cause sleeplessness and encephalopathy, hallucinations and seizures.Their use often leads to suicide attempts.

Perhaps the most dangerous is the influence of drugs on the reproductive system of women and men, on the intrauterine development of the fetus.

Such parents children are always born with mental and physical disabilities.And if this is not visible immediately after birth, soon, in the process of growth of the child, it affects all aspects of its development.This stunting and chronic diseases of organs, parts of different nature of the disease due to reduced immunity to the womb, difficulties in learning and communicating.

Thus, drugs - a voluntary murder of its own body, slow and painful suicide man.