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drug breaking

Status drug withdrawal - a manifestation depending on the drug.This is a terrible period of physical and psychological suffering addict.And, of course, the suffering of those people who are nearby.What are the symptoms of withdrawal and how to get out of this state?We learn together.

Fragile called critical pathological condition that occurs when there is, depending on the different types of drugs.Persons who experience sensitivity to drugs, have their own characteristics of the nervous system.Therefore, in general, withdrawal symptoms are similar, and the time of its appearance after consuming intoxicating substances at different people different.In most cases, it occurs against the backdrop of a strong addiction to drugs such as heroin.Another trend is the emergence of breaking - its manifestation in the weeks after drug use.Breaking is a sign of dependence and the need to increase the dose of drugs.Therefore, there is a direct link here: the longer a person takes them, the greater the dose.This is re

quired by the body dependent.

withdrawal symptoms occur within 8-10 hours after the addict will use the last dose of drug.And the first signs of this condition are irritability, inability to control your emotions, behavior in general.The human body may tremble in the chill, can lay the nose, watery eyes, and manifested salivation.Later eye pupils not reacting to light, loss of appetite and vomiting begins.All of the above symptoms culminates in three days, if not taken another dose of the drug.In dependent increases pressure, diarrhea starts, but the most basic symptom is very severe pain in the joints and bones.Muscle cramp, addict wants to relax, he iznemozhen, exhausted, could not sleep and just relax.At that time, men may come uncontrolled ejaculation.

This physical withdrawal symptoms.But it is much harder to endure psychological symptoms.After all, at the beginning of drug use a person experiences euphoria.But breaking comes the realization that everything is absolutely not true.After drug withdrawal this euphoria simply disappears, and dependent already taking drugs not to get high, and in order to avoid breaking, so as not to feel terrible painful condition.This is the dependence on the drug.

Very scary to see how a person experiences a break-up.And if he could addict to overcome withdrawal symptoms, then, of course, he would have refused to receive the body of toxic substances.But the pain of breaking causes the addict to use the drug again.And after breaking proven he is simply not able to live without dope.

strong discomfort that he suffers during drug withdrawal can only withdraw a qualified psychiatrist.

When removing the breaking eliminated pain and reduced anxiety-dependent way of removing toxins or poisons lessons.This detoxification procedure, and it is mandatory to remove the drug withdrawal syndrome.

In practice, there are drug arsenal to relieve withdrawal.But in each case you need to know how the amount and composition of medications to do so.Himself an addict can not remove the break-up.After all, it usually takes alcohol to get to sleep and shut down, but it does not bring results but only aggravate the situation.It is therefore important to treat drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms to shoot under supervision of a specialist, under conditions where there is no access to drugs, which limited communication with drug dependent environment, where there are the necessary equipment and medicines.Removing withdrawal symptoms usually lasts about 5-7 days.During this time, the body is cleansed of toxins and drug residues.

Removing signs of breaking - it is only a first, but important stage of the treatment of the sick person.After elimination of withdrawal symptoms should be treated destructive relationship to the person returned to a normal and healthy flow of life.

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