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Folk remedies for smoking

All negative very quickly take root in the body and the soul of man.And get rid of addictions is very difficult.We are talking about tobacco use.Cigarettes attract like a magnet.They create temporary euphoria.And at all times people are looking for ways to effectively get rid of this bad habit.Traditional medicine has its own arsenal of treatments for dependence on smoking.

In folk medicine, there is a fairly original way to get rid of smoker craving for cigarettes.This blending of tobacco cancer shell and bird droppings.Maybe someone would even dare to use such creative methods.But herbal recipes still reliable.

Try to prepare a decoction.Take a tablespoon of dried rosemary, and St. John's wort, pour 500 grams of boiling water.Let boil for twenty minutes herbs, infusions.Drink herbal teas such need when drawn to cigarettes.Breeding finished boiling broth can be 1: 1.Recipe discourages the smoker draws on the cigarette.Take this decoction three weeks is recommended.

You can also use this and vegetable

juice.In equal amounts need to take the cabbage and potatoes, squeeze the juice from them.Eat it should be before eating.

Effective is an infusion of a mixture of herbs centaury, sage, thyme, taken in equal amounts.The mixture of herbs pour boiled water, filter and drink before eating a tablespoon.The course of treatment such infusion - per month.

native Russian tobacco control means a turnip.It must be thoroughly chewed when there is a desire to smoke.

lowers cravings for smoking and a horsetail.Three tablespoons of grass need to pour a glass of boiling water and after the infusion to drink it throughout the day before the meal.

Some people smoke helps raspberry flowers.They need to take 100 grams, brew 2 cups of vodka for 10 days.After straining take 1 tablespoon of the infusion three times a day.

in getting rid of tobacco dependence not only help the grass.You can use the recipe on the basis of oatmeal.Take a tablespoon of oatmeal, pour two glasses of water, leave for the night.In the morning, add the same amount of boiling water and let cool.After straining the infusion of oatmeal should be consumed on the half cup three times a day for a month.

redeems from the craving for cigarettes infusion of yarrow and peppermint in equal proportions.A tablespoon of this mixture to pour boiling water, infuse, strain.Broth should rinse your mouth with a desire to smoke.

Another option rinse - infusion of the flowers of oregano, peppermint and black currant leaves.Three tablespoons of this mixture should be a thermos for an hour.Then strain and use if you want to smoke in the form of mouth rinses.

nicotine tea prepared so.Take a tablespoon of leaf Ceylon tea and brew his cup of boiling water.Add a teaspoon of chopped juniper, sage, valerian and nettle.Let the tea hour configure themselves.Strain and drink three times a day half cup.

good and easy way to suppress the desire to smoke is the use of cranberries.They need to eat at one time 15 pieces.Berries can be frozen.There

and chewing option to get rid of smoking.It should be reserved tar fruit trees.This can be the cherry and apple.Pitches have to chew on if you want to make a puff.It can be used instead of the resin dried prunes or apricots.These fruits are delicious, but the dried marsh calamus as a means for chewing is not so pleasant, but reduces cravings for tobacco smoking.

can apply and self-deception method.It is necessary to dry the cheese sticks and put them in a cigarette pack.Smoking should be chewed dry cheese If there is a desire.Euphoria after such desires will not arise, and therefore reflex craving for cigarettes will gradually fade.

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