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Folk remedies for a hangover

folk remedy for a hangover there is great variety.However, keep in mind that even people with the same body weight, age and sex of a different perception of the same means.For this reason, a hangover universal recipe exists.However, the trial can be found among its own version of a variety of popular recipes.And, you can take advantage of proven ways to help without getting drunk at the table.

most simple and accessible to all process does not suffer from a hangover - do not drink alcohol.If no alcohol can not be dispensed with, it is possible to pre-make in the morning is not a headache, and spend time in the company of good, without the headaches.

So, what are the ways:

best and reliable cure for a hangover is time.It is necessary to disable communication with the outside world and just give your body a rest.And the best vacation - a dream.

If sleep does not work, then you need to immediately go to the shower.No need to pour over ice water itself.It should be warm.The best option in this situati

on - a contrast shower.Changing the hot and cold water promptly takes you to the feelings rather than cold water.Such water stress you get and vivacity - is unlikely.

can after taking a shower to drink plenty of fluids with vitamin C. The fact is that any kind of alcohol, as a diuretic, potassium excreted in the urine in large amounts.sources of potassium are citrus fruits.In addition, vitamin C in their structure is an excellent antioxidant, possessing besides all properties that enhance the immune system.

will be fine, if you eat the morning of 2 oranges.If they just do not climb, you can prepare fresh juice of these fruits.This option will be easier and more useful to the body.

Many hangover helps diluted with lemon juice and mineral water.It is necessary to drink a lot.So you will contribute to the speedy removal of alcohol from the body in urine.

Another great help tomato juice.Still others can not do in the morning without yogurt.This may be a yogurt, and whey.The main thing is that the product is yogurt.

unsurpassed means of a hangover long been a pickle.Particularly well to the juice of sauerkraut.It is necessary to draw some of its least half a cup and drink on an empty stomach.After 30-40 minutes of well-being will improve significantly.

If you feel sick in the morning, the symptoms of nausea is well relieves ginger root.Just pour a glass of boiling water on the crushed root plate.Let the tea brew for 15 minutes.You can add ginger tea juice of one orange or lemon.It's just easier overall.

Different countries have different symptoms of a hangover cure.So, for example, the Italians shoot them with a black coffee.The Chinese have used for this purpose green tea, and very strong.And the inhabitants of America may not be in the morning to do without their beloved "bloody Mary".