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alcohol intolerance

Many people have intolerance to certain medications, and some - alcohol intolerance.It is manifested by specific symptoms after drinking.

What are these signs?What are the causes of intolerance to alcohol and how it is treated?

Main symptoms of intolerance to alcohol - nasal congestion and flushing of the skin - often perceived as an allergy to alcohol.It has similar allergy symptoms.But it is quite another.Intolerance to alcohol - is a condition where the body does not break down alcohol capable.And the only way to prevent negative reactions is to avoid alcohol.

Sometimes symptoms identical alcohol intolerance, caused by an allergic reaction to the components of an alcoholic beverage.Often these preservatives and flavors, herbs and grasses.That is, in this case, the alcohol is a catalyst allergy.Because it is very important to correctly diagnose the state of a person after consuming alcohol.

This alcohol intolerance accompanies a person from a very early age.And it is due to the peculiarities of the

enzyme system that can not break down alcohol as is the case with other people.There are certain factors intolerance to alcohol:

alcohol intolerance symptoms may include: redness of the face and red blisters on the skin, attacks of breathlessness and nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, and the pressure drop, headache and vomiting.

Always it is necessary to immediately contact a doctor?This is not necessary if the state of intolerance taking place in an easy manner.The patient was a need to avoid the use of alcoholic beverages.When a person has severe symptoms of choking, you should immediately seek medical care.Then the accuracy of the diagnosis the doctor will have a description of symptoms and a thorough physical examination of the patient, the skin test and blood test.Taking the analysis needed to determine the intensity of the body's reaction to a foreign substance.For this purpose, diagnose the presence of blood in the immunoglobulin type protein E. It is an indication of allergies.

If alcohol causes in human light allergy, it will be enough to receive antihistamine drugs.It may be non-prescription drugs Claritin and Laura, and Tsetrin Telfast.They reduce the signs of allergy in the form of itching and nasal congestion, hives and drowsiness.When a person has a severe allergy and asthma, of course, it would be good to have around the pen with adrenaline.These handles allow allergy sufferers very quickly do yourself intramuscular injection.Adrenalin immediately dilates the bronchi and reduces choking.And after this should seek medical help.

There are special bracelets for warning people with allergies.They are popular in the United States.Allergy is always a bracelet on her arm, and others are easier to understand what happens to a man when he abruptly begins to choke or loses consciousness.

A person who is experiencing alcohol intolerance, complications can occur and such species:

Prevention of alcohol intolerance is the absolute refusal of alcohol and the drugs that are produced in the alcohol-based tinctures.In the presence of allergy to components of alcoholic beverages a person must carefully familiarize themselves with the labels on these drinks.It is not recommended to drink alcohol in a cafe and restaurant, not knowing its exact contents.