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Almost everyone and everyone knows and the harmful effects of smoking on your body.However, this does not prevent the vast majority of humanity to continue to buy cigarettes and smoke on a daily basis.Meanwhile, to know what the disease can cause nicotine - the main tobacco satellite - is very important.In today's post, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the thesis of "nicotine" and to re-examine in detail its impact on the human body.

Nicotine alkaloid called natural origin, which is contained in the leaves of plants of the nightshade family.However, it is also part of the leaves of vegetables.For example, vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, green bell peppers contain nicotine.In fairness, we note that the alkaloid contained in plants does not pose a threat to the body as opposed to the dry tobacco blends.It turns out that tobacco contains up to 5% of pure nicotine - a potent neurotoxic substance that adversely affects our body.Moreover, it is important to note that it is particularly strong e

ffect on the nervous system.This explains the persistent physical and psychological addiction to nicotine.

Nicotine acts like a drug: to take a dose, it is very difficult to resist the temptation to "deliver" in her body again and again.And the addiction to nicotine appears not only on the material, but also to accompany the ritual of smoking process.That is why many smokers to give up smoking is difficult.It simply does not know what to do with his hands while talking on the phone, or rest break at work.It makes you want to pull out a cigarette and hold it between his fingers, flicking ash periodically.All these actions are characteristic of psychological dependence on smoking, which is very difficult to root out.Nicotine

, being complex toxin enters the brain after 10 seconds after the first puff.Proceeding in the blood, it affects the kidneys, liver and lungs.In the brain, as there are significant changes at the level of cellular reactions, provoking adrenaline production.When smoked, the person increases the blood pressure, quickens the heartbeat and breathing, increased production of glucose.Furthermore, nicotine increases the production of "pleasure hormone" - dopamine.However, the effect of nicotine as quickly terminated, causing the body excited his fault that triggers a deficit to make up, smoking more and more cigarettes.

course, quit smoking is very difficult in such a state.Moreover, once deprived of nicotine dose, the smoker feels a lot of discomfort.Among them is a sense of unjustified anxiety, and sleep disturbances, and irritability.A person can not work effectively as mental abilities are reduced.There is a sense of apathy, headache and fatigue.Moreover, these symptoms are so strong that few can cope with them independently.That is why, even if you want to give up cigarettes is very difficult not to break a promise not to take up the habit again.That's why smoking is attributed to drug dependence - symptoms are very similar.Especially difficult to stop smoking those who smoke for many years.

Summing up all the above, we can conclude that it is best not to start smoking, how would you not provoked.He lit a cigarette, no one can guarantee that you will not reach for a second.And there is a third, and a fourth, and a pack of cigarettes a day - a normal phenomenon.So before smoke - think about whether you need it?

As for smokers, they can only wish immense willpower, which will help to quit this addiction once and for all!

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