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Nolitsin and alcohol

risk - it is justified, but not when it comes to the combination treatment and the use of alcohol.After visiting the doctor and decided to be treated, you should choose one thing: either the treatment or a walk.Otherwise, the combination of alcohol with medications can only lead to a force majeure.And is it you want?What you need to know about alcohol and nolitsin duet?What can threaten such a risk?

We often with a cold.Insidious disease cystitis - a problem familiar to every third woman.If the treatment of the disease to tighten, it might just go to the stage of chronic disease.And then it is much harder to treat.Cystitis can cause staphylococcus, streptococcus.The bladder under their influence, as well as under the influence of E. coli, the bacteria begin to develop.

Other causes of cystitis may be stress, a change of sexual partner, lack of vitamins, no hygiene genitals exhaustion.Risk of disease is that it often causes complications.For the treatment of cystitis urologist or gynecologist appoints n

olitsin.This broad-spectrum antibiotic antimicrobial action.It is recognized as a good antibacterial agent and provides the ability to treat infections of different locations.Most often it is used to remove the prostate, and urogenital problems.Nolitsin good fights bacteria and microorganisms that provoke cystitis.Value for money product meets the modern demands of medicine.

Yet medical rules also has its exceptions.It is a contraindication to the use nolitsin.It can not take the girls up to eighteen years of age, nursing mothers and expectant mothers.Do not treat people with drug atherosclerosis of brain vessels and blood circulation in it.Epileptics, patients suffering from disorders of the liver, people with individual intolerance to antibiotics nolitsin also can not be used.

Toxicity can be bad for the liver and kidneys.For this reason, can not be treated independently nolitsin you need to be assigned a doctor.If a person became ill cystitis in an easy manner, the medication usually prescribed for three days.Take the drug every 12 hours.When the situation is more complicated, the circuit and the dosage is adjusted individually by your doctor.Side effects nolitsin - a weakness and dry mouth, the development of hepatitis and albuminuria, headache and hallucinations, pressure reduction and arrhythmia, allergic reactions and swelling.

When receiving nolitsin should be remembered that the use of alcohol during this period should be avoided.It is a strong drug that can weaken the body.In combination with alcohol it is able to slow down the reaction of the patient.Alcohol will at least block the action of the drug.Possible symptoms of drowsiness and headaches, allergic reactions to the drug.Can very affected kidney, which displays and alcohol, and nolitsin from the body.This drug belongs to the group of antibiotics, which must not be confused with any kind of alcohol.Otherwise, you may even malfunction of the central nervous system and the development of coma.And it is fraught with reanimation and irreparable harm to the body.

Everyone should be aware that any treatment must be treated responsibly.After a period of treatment should take place at enrichment nutritional vitamins, a full meal, and not drinking alcohol.He always causes side effects, which are referred to in the instructions to the drug.The same applies to nolitsin.At least - side effects and neutralization of the therapeutic effect, as a maximum - a coma.Do you want that?