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Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes - one of the easiest ways to give up nicotine.Electromechanical simulator smoking process, which works on the principle of vapor inhaler fine fluid - this is the electronic cigarette.Thus, the inhaling and exhaling couples we simulate the process of smoking.Moreover, the pair generated by this unit consists of a mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and distilled water.Nicotine may be included, but only in the quantities strictly weighed.

Despite the relatively high price, this innovative invention is gaining popularity with each passing day.Many people choose electronic smoking as a safe way and an alternative to the conventional smoking.Moreover, apart from the usual electronic cigarettes famous brands we offer disposable analogs of this device.The good or bad disposable gadgets and how to use them correctly - take a closer look at our today's publication.

Let's start with the fact that disposable electronic cigarette on a reusable different minimized component parts.I

nstead of a rechargeable battery in a disposable instrument - battery.Thus, the need to change the cartridge or refill the liquid disappears.

then Advantages include disposable devices, it is much cheaper than usual.Moreover, there is no hassle with charging cigarette: smoked - threw.No need to purchase additional accessories - cases, portable chargers, etc.

As for the disadvantages, if the usual electronic cigarette lasts for 600-1000 puffs, the one-time loses its taste after inhaling 250.Therefore, a low cost of this product is debatable.

Also note that disposable cigarettes are rarely working on its full term, the warranty does not give them any manufacturer.In single analogue is not so many variations of the physical properties of floating, while the classical devices are more diverse in this regard.

Principle of all, without exception, the electronic cigarette is the same.With each puff triggered pressure sensor.It closes an electrical circuit, then voltage is applied to Nichrome spiral, which is in a liquid atomizer and wetted.Liquid contacting with the spiral, boils, thereby forming a vapor that the smoker inhales.When tightening the end, the pressure sensor opens the circuit, and is supplied to the coil portion of the new liquid.

As for disposable electronic cigarette, the atomizer with the liquid in it is integrated in one piece - cartomizer.That is, in a disposable device does not have a container of liquid, which can be changed and refilled.Instead, it uses a piece of padding polyester impregnated with the smoking mixture.When the liquid in the padding polyester finishes, a cigarette is simply discarded.

disposable smoking device stops working, the end of the charge in the battery.If used in cigarettes reusable battery that can be recharged, the disposable battery capacity, the amount of liquid and the spiral dimensioned such that their ends almost simultaneously resource.

unpacking disposable electronic cigarette, which is already charged and does not require additional manipulation, simply tighten and smoke anywhere, because the smoke will not disturb anyone.

In conclusion, we note that although the electronic cigarettes are considered to be safer than conventional, yet the proportion of nicotine they contain.So, give up smoking completely is not always possible through the use of an electronic device.Therefore, it is best to quit smoking without the use of "substitutes" - once and for all.

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