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alcohol Poisoning

Such poisoning can happen not only with people drinking.They are likely, there is a condition of alcoholic intoxication.But alcohol poisoning can occur and rarely drinking man, and a child.What to do in this case, and how to treat it?

So, how do you determine that a person has come of alcohol poisoning?If a person is among other people, these symptoms indicates its behavior.He overestimates his capabilities and continues to drink, while not recognizing that inadequate.The patient is disturbed coordination of movements and upset mind it becomes too loud and incoherent, sometimes simply meaningless.Such a person emancipated instincts that he controls in the normal state.When viewed from the pulse of the patient's slowed down, face red, sweating exacerbated perhaps vomiting.

If alcohol does not stop, you can come and alcoholic coma, ie loss of consciousness, pupillary constriction, drop in body temperature.This may be involuntary defecation and urination, vomiting or frothing at the mouth.A person can buy

cyanosis, breathing becomes intermittent and thready pulse.This condition requires urgent intervention of the doctor-resuscitator.

If a person appear above symptoms, and he lost consciousness, then he must give to smell ammonia or vinegar.These funds need to lubricate the whiskey.Then you need to hide a person, because it quickly loses heat.Next, you need to free his stomach from alcohol to prevent alcohol intoxication.It is necessary to induce vomiting.One can do this in several ways.The first - to drink a soda solution and press your finger on the root of the tongue.The second (if possible) - make the drink a few glasses of plain boiled water and induce vomiting again, you can force it to bend through the knee to compress the stomach.Brushing your stomach you need to, as long as the patient instead of the vomit will leave the water.Necessarily it is necessary to make sure that vomit does not enter the airway and the patient suffocated.After washing, it is desirable to take activated charcoal (one tablet per ten carbon kilogram).Usually given once for 15-20 tablets.

first thing you need to do to others, close in alcoholic poisoning of man is to call "ambulance."And in anticipation of her as soon as possible to do the above manipulation.

Even with severe alcohol poisoning can be a person to help and save him.But should act decisively and promptly.In fact, at such poisoning aid is the same as that in any cases of poisoning.

If a person is in serious condition, do not control their actions or unconscious, it is not recommended gastric lavage to vomit did not get into the respiratory tract and cause choking.Before the arrival of "first" is required to follow when unconscious person, that language is not sunk.

case of violation of respiration (if possible) have to enter subcutaneously caffeine or kordiamin.

alcohol poisoning after first aid and facilitate the state human patient requires treatment.After intoxication is not going anywhere.

So, after gastric lavage should be given to a person chelators.The most affordable and effective of them - activated carbon.You can also treat poisoning polifepanom, polysorb or silica.

After removing residual alcohol from the body, you can give the patient analgesics to reduce headaches.

Strengthen metabolism help ascorbic acid and vitamins of group B. Good help restore health in alcoholic poisoning succinic acid.It activates the biochemical processes in the body.Independently engage in the treatment of alcohol poisoning can be, if it is mild or moderate.In severe cases, treatment can not do without in the hospital.

With regard to human nutrition, which has experienced alcohol poisoning, then after that it must be full of green tea as an excellent antioxidant, bananas and a light dairy meal.Excellent helps restore strength and health kefir.