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What tests for men shall be the presence of infection in the genital organs

What tests for men shall be the presence of infection in

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  • In some cases it is necessary to resort to the delivery of analyzes?
  • What analyzes on sexual infections exist?
  • Before you begin to pass the tests
  • number of tests carried out for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases?
  • Where is the procedure and how long to wait for results?

suspicion that a man can be infected by infections that are transmitted sexually, causes him to think about the need to pass the relevant tests.This immediately raises a number of issues, among which such as the place of delivery of such analyzes, how much time you will need to ensure that get results, whether possible errors and how costly this procedure.In any case, every man must know that in matters of determining the presence of at genito-urinary pathologies, it is necessary to apply only to the doctor. This doctor will do the necessary examination, appoints the necessary tests for infection in men, defines t

he pathology, if any, and prescribe a course of treatment, the results of which he will be watching.


In some cases it is necessary to resort to the delivery of analyzes?

pain question exactly when you need to check yourself for infections produced sexually, not as obvious as it seems.In most cases, to pass tests for infection for men are prepared in cases when symptoms of possible diseases of the reproductive system.This characteristic pain of the penis and the abdomen, and uncharacteristic isolation having an unpleasant smell, and sharp pain during urination.Sensing that something was wrong, suspecting sexual infections, the man starts to worry and ask for help to the doctor.But it is not only the threat of sexual infection disease can cause to conduct a survey.The fact that the male sexually transmitted diseases can cause serious pathologies.Syphilis can cause destruction of brain cells, causing serious damage to the bones.From sexually transmitted diseases and immunity affects many internal organs.Therefore, the pathology of the internal organs, caused by sexually transmitted diseases, can cause in order to be tested for sexual infections.

tests for genital infections and is preferably carried out in family planning.

Infections produced sexually and progressing in the body, passed the expectant mother, hitting her uterus or placenta, as well as causing inflammation of appendages.

This threatens the fetus and can cause a high probability of its miscarriage.If a miscarriage occurs, the infection causes damage to the fetus, stimulating the emergence and development of congenital malformations.Cases of fetal death due to the fact that the woman was infected with venereal disease.Therefore, physicians are strongly recommended before conception child to both parents to be checked for the presence of infection of genital infections.

Assays for sexual infections Unprotected sex is a big reason to see a doctor, venereal diseases for preventive examinations.If to surgery in the reproductive system, scheduled for surgery in one of the organs of the system, it is mandatory to check the possession of urogenital infection.But it should be noted some features.If, say, unprotected sex with a woman came in one day and the next day he decided to get tested for infection, the result is a high degree of probability can be negative.This is due to the fact that infections, sexually transmitted diseases, have a certain incubation period, which takes place after two weeks.If the tests are carried out during this period, they can show that the man is healthy, but in reality it will be infected.The problem is not that there is some hidden infection in men, but in the fact that the test was carried out in the incubation period.

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What analyzes on sexual infections exist?

Smear order to detect genital infections or make sure it is no resort to such methods as bacteriological seeding, smear, ELISA and PCR.The most common method that doctors use, lies in taking smears.Despite the fact that the smear is used very often by physicians in the diagnosis of sexually transmitted pathologies, it is not the most accurate.It consists in the fact that men are taken allocation, which are subject to staining, and then going on to study them under a microscope.Such a method has a high risk to end up a false result.

bacteriological seeding is based on the fact that the collected material is placed in a specific environment in which there are the most favorable conditions for the development of infection.In these circumstances, the infection begins to actively proliferate, and experts an opportunity with high probability set medication, the most effective impact on the bacteria.By antibiotic is understood as a medical drug, and accordingly the most effective remedy is set on the basis of this antibiotic.Less of this method is that it requires a certain time - from 2-3 days up to one week.

Linked immunosorbent assay ELISA, or enzyme immunoassay, is based on the fact that blood man seeking antibodies to the infection.The idea is that the body at any disease allocate the necessary antibodies that have a protective function and after his appearance to start the fight against parasitic infection.Therefore, if the antibodies are found in the body, it is strongly indicative of an infectious disease.Using an enzyme immunoassay can determine the nature of the disease, whether it occurs in chronic or acute.This method is not highly expensive, is available to the general public at the same time representing a reliable method for determining abnormalities of the reproductive system.

One of the most accurate ways to establish a sexual infection is a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR.The method is taken from molecular biology, by which infection is deoxyribonucleic acid.For this reason, this method is effective even in the presence of infection in a small amount.PCR is considered to be a very accurate method of diagnosis and is widely used in medicine.However, this method has a certain disadvantage.It requires a certain research purity and if it misses some contamination, the final result may not be correct.

Since each of the methods of determining the concealed sexual infections has its advantages and disadvantages, which exclude 100% identification of disease, it is recommended to conduct the analysis in an integrated manner.For example, should hold a first polymerase chain reaction and enzyme immunoassay.To make them, you can at the same time, so as not to waste time.If the results of the analyzes do not match, then the final point in this matter put conducting bacteriological seeding.

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Before you begin to pass the tests

Refusal of coffee and tea Everyone remembers that before they pass faeces, urine or blood, need to do some preparation.For example, do not eat in front of this food, drink sweet tea and fruit juices.In order to more accurately determine whether there is infection in the urogenital system, or it is not, you need to prepare before you get tested.If you plan to take a smear, which is taken from the urethra before it for 3 hours is to go to the toilet and did not carry out urination.From sex should refrain for at least 3 days before the procedure and not to allow them to obtain the results.Not very good if there are suspicions on sexually transmitted disease, engage in sexual relations.

In some cases, doctors recommend prior to analysis for latent infection in men slightly reduce the immune system, which will increase the amount of harmful bacteria in the body.The more bacteria, the research results will be more reliable, and it will alert medical error.Immunity is weakened on the eve of the procedure by drinking alcohol in combination with salty foods or spicy dishes.So act in those cases where the disease in the chronic stage passed or if it proceeds malosimptomno.Then in the body are very few pathogenic bacteria that does not allow for qualitative diagnostics.


If you pass blood tests or carry out polymerase chain reaction, then you need to spend some time without food and water.Before semen analysis or juice prior to analysis of the prostate is strongly recommended to have sexual intercourse for 4 days before and should be excluded from food high-calorie foods, spicy food, alcoholic drinks and stop taking drugs.

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number of tests carried out for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases?

physician diagnosis the establishment of pathogenic bacteria procedures have to take place in several stages.In the first stage pass designated tests your doctor.If their results cast doubt on the truth, then the next step will need to be re or a new procedure.Once installed type of infection, treatment assignment and completed required repeat the procedure.This is the third stage, after which the doctor or come to the conclusion that the disease has been conquered, and the treatment may be discontinued, or the infection is still present, and the treatment must be repeated.Can be repeated analyzes on the latent infections.In any case, bacteria should be completely destroyed.

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Where is the procedure and how long to wait for results?

Commissioning tests - it's not the inheritance of property.In the latter case, the notary at the location of such an inheritance.But this procedure can take place in any convenient place for you.Priority must be given to those medical institutions that have qualified medical personnel, equipped with modern facilities and a private laboratory.The analysis results will be ready within a week.Latent infections can take a long survey.


is necessary to take into account such an important moment as scrupulous situation.Pathology of the urogenital system, sexually derived, refers to those diseases where the delicacy of this issue can be put higher than the presence of a laboratory at the clinic.Therefore, due to the attitude of the patient in a medical institution is very important, if not on the first place.The patient is already anxious and bad, and feeling the careless attitude to itself, it can and does lose heart.It is not conducive to recovery and may well cause depression.