The mussels are useful and what is their nutritional value for men

How useful mussels and what is their nutritional value for men

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  • Nutritional value mussels
  • How useful mussels for male body
  • How to usemussels

Media - one of the most exquisite seafood is rich in protein and mineral micronutrients.The nutritional value of this mollusk is several times the value of fish and meat.Media useful to use everything, but especially men.


These seafood is very popular in Mediterranean countries.Slavic cuisine is not quite adapted to such exotic delicacies, however, thanks to the cooks-professionals, mussels become popular product in Russia.

Nutritional value

mussels seafood as mussels are an indispensable dish because of their high nutritional value.

But for human consumption are only suitable marine mussels as freshwater are not suitable for eating.

This bivalve blue-black shell - a real storehouse of minerals and vitamins:

  • B vitamins;
  • vitamins C, E, D;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • selenium;
  • manganese;
  • folate;
  • cobalt;
  • zinc.

The high zinc content in mussels zinc content plays a key role in the male body as it is involved in reproduction, providing motility and improve their condition.Scientific studies have shown that men who consumed supplements with zinc, improved ability of fertilization and sperm quality has improved.The composition

mussels include iodine, which is very positive effect on the thyroid, the immune system and metabolism.

Mussels - so valuable source of fatty acids such as Omega-3, which has a positive effect on the heart.At the tender meat of the seafood contains high amounts of vitamin B12, manganese and selenium.A 100 g fillet of beef makes up a third of the daily requirement of vitamin C and iron.

and seafood is a natural protein of the highest quality.The content of amino acids of this product can only be compared with the chicken egg.The mussel meat contains 2.5 times more protein than beef.Calorie large piece of beef is equivalent to 13 mussels.

Along with a high content of nutrients, dietary fillet mussels.It does not contain saturated fat and calorie inferior animal meat and even fish.

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The mussels are useful for the male body

Contents of the full range of useful trace elements not only helps in maintaining good health, but also in overcoming many diseases:

Use mussels

  • improve the cardiovascular system.Equally valuable acid like Omega-3, a natural cardioprotectors, which reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes;
  • due to the content of phosphatides, mussel meat is useful for the liver;
  • polyunsaturated acids increase brain activity;
  • prevention of arthritis;
  • improved vision;
  • cancer prevention;
  • strengthening immunity and recovery metabolism;
  • stabilization of the digestive activities;
  • stimulation of blood formation, is very important for blood diseases;
  • recovery of the body after the radiation;
  • mussels used in various diets for weight loss, because of the high content of nutrients and low calories;
  • increased potency due to high content of zinc and protein.

last point is crucial for men. Eating mussels so effectively affects the virility that the seafood is even called "natural Viagra» .Zinc, together with selenium is involved in the production of testosterone.Therefore, lack of these elements in the body can lead to male sterility.

Mussels - a natural aphrodisiac Mussels are a natural aphrodisiac.They improve male sexuality, improve reproductive function in men, semen viscosity and quality.

Use marine mussels positive effect on strengthening the joints.Therefore, men who have in their diets data seafood, rarely suffer from arthritis.

protein meat mussels, the value of which has been said above, it is extremely important for men.It is a source of physical and mental performance.Protein is involved in muscle and promotes the formation of testosterone - the principal male hormone.

In addition to these advantages clams, mussels and normalize blood cholesterol levels to prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Dietitians found that regular consumption of mussel leads to a normalization of weight.mussel meat has beneficial effects on brain activity and the nervous system, which is especially important for the modern man.

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How to eat mussels

Eating mussels mussel dishes are served mainly in expensive restaurants.This is due to the fact that the product is expensive and requires proper preparation.However, at present on the shelves of supermarkets provides a full range of seafood delicacies, among which there are the mussels.Marine mollusks and it is possible to cook at home.

However mussels - a perishable product, so it is important to observe all the rules of their storage and preparation.

fact that mussels that live in the sea, are some natural filter, absorbing all the toxins and harmful bacteria.For this reason, it is recommended not to eat freshly caught shellfish.Before shipment to the consumer keep the mussels under running water for a month, to all poisons and toxins out of them.

Usually manufacturers grow mussels on special farms, where they get clean.

By buying this seafood should be chosen with tightly closed and undamaged shells.Carapace should be moist and smell the sea.Store on ice should be no more than 2-3 days.

House this product should be washed under running water, but do not soak in water as well as clean the dirt from the shells with a knife.Mussels recommended to cook and eat immediately, leaving them on the next day, to avoid poisoning.And shellfish data very quickly lose their useful properties, so fresh they are much more useful.

This seafood prepared right in shells: fried, baked, pickled.In Crimea, for example, is very popular pilaf with meat mussels.In Korea, they are used for salads and appetizers.

raw mussels do not normally use.This is due not only to the taste characteristics, but also in order to prevent food poisoning.It is best to cook the mussels for a couple of no more than 3-5 minutes.Steamed meat with lemon juice and garlic and spices - the perfect diet meal!Properly cooked meat tastes like egg protein with a light sea smell and a sweet taste.


This product has a positive effect on men's health, it increases the potency and overall body tone.Thus, the mussels for men are extremely useful and are essential in the daily diet.