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How long to stay young

the morning created an emergency situation because of their own carelessness behind the wheel, lunch listened notation from the chef about the task of late, and in the evening again chided his wife over marital relations.Fatigue?Age?Aging?Sooner or later it happens to every man.But rather than later, the better!So, how long to keep a youth and n-rated ten years to be a real man?

most important factor in a young body is physical activity.The more a man moves, the better work all the systems and organs of the body.Activity promotes blood circulation, it is therefore better to "feed" the muscles with oxygen.At the same time improve the metabolic processes, and thus, preventing the accumulation of toxins fatigue.

According to doctors, in men age 48 years is a turning point.After him, the representatives of the stronger sex age is three times faster.By the way, women that age - 55 years.To maximize

delay aging, it is necessary, starting from 30 years of daily physical activity to give an hour of free time

.Fitness room, or tennis, or soccer home trainer, jogging or working at their summer cottage - the choice of methods of physical activity is huge.But you need to give preference to a form that is closer and brings pleasure.I do not like the collective sessions?Go in the house on the simulator.Do not like football?Then there is no need to force yourself to engage in this sport for the company.

Besides physical activity, there are still a number of recommendations that will help to prolong youth.Here they are:

So all the wisdom - the simplicity and strength of will.Take these tips to your weapons become wiser and younger!

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