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How to get rid of dandruff

Nowadays one of the most frustrating and common scalp problems for the stronger sex is dandruff.Why it occurs and how to fix the problem?Learn More.

groomed hair has always been and will be a source of pride, an indicator of the health of their owner.Of course, the requirements for hairstyles men are not very strict.But many of them can not boast of a healthy head of hair due to dandruff, which is also called seborrhea.This is a sensitive issue, and often with the help of only one shampoo it can not be solved.To eliminate dandruff, you must first identify the cause.

There are a number of the most common causes of seborrhea:

Very often dandruff contribute to several of the above reasons.Therefore, before starting treatment of dandruff necessarily eliminate peculiar to you, and then already engaged in hair.After all, if, for example, you eat once a day and is always in a state of stress, it is unlikely that you will help eliminate dandruff even Sami-quality, natural and expensive shampoos.

All specialized detergents for hair to help fight only with the external manifestations of seborrhea.They do not eliminate the cause!Shampoos temporarily clean the top layer of the epidermis from the cells, which have long been numb.But the development of the fungus, usually do not affect such shampoos.Therefore, during the period of use of the problem, of course, it will be less noticeable, but the long-term effect of the treatment will be.

eliminating the cause of dandruff, proceed to the correct selection of shampoo.What should pay attention to?In therapeutic shampoo composition must be present selenium sulphide and ketoconazole.They directly compete with fungal infections.Zinc pyrithione and tar in a shampoo reduce inflammation of the scalp and reduce its peeling.Salicylic acid dries the skin and neutralizes excess sebum.All of these components in the complex have a strong impact on hair.That is why shampoos such components are not suitable for routine use.Before using medicated shampoos need to consult a qualified dermatologist.

It must be remembered that the treated and neutralized with fungal skin lesions only means a focused actions that are sold in pharmacies.

Nowadays more and more people prefer natural medicine, without the use of chemical ingredients and side effects.Sometimes the use of herbs can eliminate dandruff is not worse than the pharmaceutic agent.

So, the leader among them to combat dandruff is a common nettle.You can prepare infusions for rinsing shag fresh nettle, if the opportunity is there, and you can use the pharmacy and dry grass, which should be brewed each time for rinsing hair.The infusion can also be rubbed into the scalp every other day.This will enhance the effect of the treatment of dandruff.

If your hair is greasy belong to type, then the best option would be the treatment of dandruff calendula.Broth based on it is used to rinse the hair after washing.You can also add a tablespoon of the finished tincture marigold in the water for rinsing hair.

To get rid of dandruff forever, should solve the problem comprehensively, that is to use medicated shampoos and purchased in a pharmacy and folk remedies eliminate seborrhea.