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What is better to choose contact lenses

Today contact lenses successfully displace points as a means of correction.They are available to all, and production market has grown considerably.Therefore, men often wonder the choice of optics.The variety of manufacturers and materials for the manufacture makes consumers think about how to make the best choice.So, try to look into the matter.

Simplicity and ease of use, a high degree of vision correction available today have made the cost of the lens an excellent alternative to refractive surgery, which doctors often advised to restore vision.

course, to determine the individual selection will help a good ophthalmologist.It must take into account the degree of visual impairment and tolerability of your eyes impolzuemyh materials.Selecting devices for vision correction specialist looks at their landing in the eyes.It depends on the comfort while wearing.

Eye will be a good find for women in situations where the use of glasses is simply unacceptable.We are talking about race drivers and athletes, div

ers and people employed in specific industries.Also, the optical "liners" will be indispensable for those who have a significant difference in visual acuity in both eyes.

Modern lenses are produced in a wide optical range: compensating astigmatism (toric so-called), and aspheric multifocal.There are also color - different shades.

Contact lenses today are classified according to several criteria.

If we talk about the classification in time of their scheduled replacement, it's monthly and quarterly, one-day and two-week, traditional (with a lifetime of up to 9 months).

By wearing their regime is divided into day (which must be removed for the night), and prolonged use of the lens.The latter can be worn up to 7 days.

and classifies them according to the production of the material: they are hard and soft.There are also carnival lenses and other types of special design.

It should be noted that today, men tend to choose more often on soft products, which are made of polymer materials.This hydrogel and silicone hydrogel.

comfortable to wear are one-day lenses.Term of use does not exceed ten hours.They are very thin and, of course, in comparison with other species, are more expensive.

As for hard, then there are certain indications of wear.It marked keratoconus and astigmatism.Keratoconus is characterized by the progression of deformation cornea.

popular among men by a combination of "price-quality-wearing comfort" are fortnightly and monthly lenses.They can sleep, they are not washed off with water.Their use - is required in washing solutions which include antiallergic component.

should be noted that today are gaining popularity colored contact lenses.But for extended wear may not be suitable for all those due to more frequent manifestations of allergic reactions.In addition, people with dark eyes for a fundamental change in the color of the iris significant portion of colored inserts just do not fit.The reason lies in the fact that they are shading.Therefore it is better not to experiment with the exterior by means of these devices.Eyes - not the body, which can take the risk.

If a person begins to use the lenses, very often he has a long time to adapt them to remove and put on.It can even damage the lining of the organ of vision.Therefore, it is necessary to undergo training with the help of an ophthalmologist.To facilitate the adaptation doctors prescribe moisturizing drops that help your eyes quickly get used to.

Each pack of contact lenses has its own expiration date.Exceed it is prohibited because it is fraught with inflammation of the cornea.