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How to choose a shampoo for hair

no secret that in the arsenal of cosmetics men should be present not only men's shaving foam, cream and cologne, but also men's shampoo.However, many men ignore this rule, often using a universal remedy for all the family.However, if you listen to the opinion of experts and find the high-quality men's shampoo, it will save the hair for years, preventing hair loss and the formation of bald patches.Also, a quality product will help improve the condition of the scalp, dandruff cure, excessive greasiness or dryness of hair.Consequently, shampoo role in a man's life is not so minor.So if you want to look well-groomed and neat, then let's see, what are the criteria to be selected for washing hair man.

Let's start with the fact that men's skin is different from women's heads, not only in appearance, but also by the level of pH too.Typically, the skin in men is more dense and resilient, and as a teenager almost always becomes oily.The fact that the sebaceous glands in men are much more active than the ladies, i

t is not surprising that a few hours after a shower hair becomes greasy and unkempt hair becomes.Moreover, many men suffer from the problem of baldness, especially if they are constantly enjoying female shampoo.

Since the pH level of the skin is also different men, choosing care products should take into account this fact.On the skin of men more acidic environment, so it needs special care.

In addition, the choice is very important to consider the type of hair.If they get dirty quickly and become greasy after a few hours, then you should choose a shampoo for greasy type.

Dry hair reminiscent of loofah, very bad comb, reflect light, whipped and broken.As a rule, this result leads the wrong care of them and the use of low-quality cosmetics.Correct this situation will shampoo for dry hair.

mixed type of hair in men is rare, but all the same there.If they are near the roots greasy, and the tips are dry and brittle, then you can be a means for combination skin or mixed type of hair.

Well, and finally suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular and effective male hair shampoos, according to Internet users:

Good luck in choosing!