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How to get rid of acne on the body

no secret that in today's society there is an opinion stereotype, they say, take care of their skin - a lot of women.Meanwhile, men and women do not concede more and more interested in what's new cosmetics and beauty treatments, explaining it by the fact that well-groomed appearance - the key to self-confidence, both at work and in personal life.Moreover, various imperfections of the skin is delivered as much concern for men, and many women.Therefore, if a man has appeared pimples on the body, he will certainly look for methods to eliminate this problem, both in terms of professional care and at home.The reasons for the appearance and methods of treatment of such defects we will cover in our current publications.

First, let's find out the main reasons for the appearance of acne on the body.Outset that the main among them is a violation of the exchange of the skin substances.But what factors contribute to this, let us consider further.

first factor, adversely affecting the skin's metabolism, resulting i

n the formation of inflammation on the skin, is wrong ventilation of the skin.What does it mean?If a man uses a large number of cosmetic products, consisting of containing mineral oils, or chemical components, while wearing synthetic underwear, the skin is simply "can not breathe".As a result, airflow is disrupted, and there are red spots, rashes and pimples.

Another reason for their occurrence is heavy sweating.It can be caused not only long-wearing synthetics, but constant stress.Eating junk food can also trigger the appearance of acne on the body, as well as medication (antibiotics, immunosuppressants, anti-inflammatory, and hormonal methods).

In inflammatory processes in the body also can appear rashes on the body.Such diseases include dermatitis, skin rashes and allergic rashes.If the rash and pimples appeared suddenly, at the same time accompanied by general weakness, itching and other unpleasant symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor for skilled diagnosis and treatment of disease.

However, in some cases, to determine the nature of acne and can be on their own, at home.For example, the large number of small size red rash usually indicates the presence of an allergic reaction.Opaque spots on the body, usually appear after consuming large amounts of fatty foods.Small inflamed rash indicates a failure of the endocrine system or the digestive tract.If rash or acne persist for 2-3 days, you should always consult a dermatologist.Well, how to cleanse the body from inflammation in the skin, we'll continue.

First of all, remember that to squeeze out pimples on the body in any case impossible.At the slightest careless movement can bring the infection under the skin and increase the disease.The maximum that you can do in this case - to treat acne solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate number of drops per liter of boiling water), which will help them to dry slightly.To do this, soak a cotton swab in the solution of potassium permanganate and treat each pimple.This method can be used only in the first 2-3 days of acne.Further treatment should be continued more lenient means.Before and after the application of potassium permanganate solution to use any cosmetics is strictly forbidden for the body.

At home, spend purification of body acne can also be ways:

Well, prevent the formation of acne on the body helps a thorough examination by a doctor, a healthy lifestyle and regular hygiene.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!