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How to choose a toothbrush ?

Today in shopping networks have a huge selection of toothbrushes.Specialized units offer the goods of different price categories, and its range allows you to choose exactly what fits your teeth.

So, how do individual the right choice?

toothbrush - not something in which the purchase is necessary to focus on naturalness.Her hair should be made of artificial fiber.

fact within natural hair, which is made from pig bristles, multiplying bacteria.For this reason, natural bristles unhygienic and contribute to the development of disease in the oral cavity.

And the lack of a natural bristle is its softness, which makes the cleaning substandard.

important quality parameter of the toothbrush is its rigidity, ie the rigidity of the bristles.With regard to the degree of hardness, it depends on the diameter of fibers from which the device is made more than the diameter of the - higher rigidity.Typically, solid manufacturers always point to the package hardness of the goods.So, very soft toothbrush labeled as ult

rasoft and extrasoft;soft - soft;moderate hardness - medium;very hard - hard.

stiffness of the bristles determines the age and individual destiny.Dentists recommend using a very soft toothbrush to children under 5 years of age and those who suffer from sensitive teeth.It should be used for children under 12 years of age and people with severe bleeding gums, their swelling, soreness, abrasion of enamel.High degree of hardness dentists recommend children after 12 years and all adults with healthy teeth.

Very hard brushes are usually given dentists, and their recommendations without such attributes should be avoided because they can injure the gums, cause abrasion of tooth enamel and dentin.

to brush your teeth every day, dentists advise to choose a brush with a short working basis (bristle length).It should capture 2-2.5 neighboring tooth.For adults with healthy teeth head length should be no more than 30 mm.Such a tool is very easy and convenient to manipulate in the mouth to clean it hard to reach places.

should know that any of them has its own expiration date.Dentists recommend changing unit depending on the hardness.So, with an average hardness of his life should not exceed 3 months, and with a soft bristle brush - a maximum of 2 months.

This innovative tool dentifrice cleans teeth very well.As research has shown, electrical appliances more efficiently remove plaque, especially in remote areas of the mouth.This brush can be easily moved, pausing a few seconds on each tooth.Its use saves time on cleaning.Also advantage is the presence of an electric appliance timer.It is supplied with most models of brushes.Due to the vibration mode and pulse to remove plaque you need to make less effort.Today, there are even children's electric toothbrushes, which allows parents to set an example of caring for the teeth and do useful work together.The disadvantages of such devices experts consider the possibility of abrasion of hard tissues, for this reason, they are recommended to apply three times a week.

Such a tool perfectly removes plaque, it allows to brush your teeth without additional pressure.This simplifies the cleaning process reduces the chances of injury to teeth.Ultrasonic toothbrush is used for diseases of the oral cavity, where the traditional cleaning causes pain.Dentists do not recommend their use for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, the presence of blood diseases, epilepsy.Impact on ultrasound teeth can provoke an aggravation of the above diseases.

Whichever brush you choose, remember that it is only a tool for the care of the teeth, which should be regular and competent.