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Male manicure

no secret that the majority of men refers to manicure, as a purely female occupation, considering that this procedure is only for women's hands.Meanwhile, many professions require men groomed hands and nails as well as the shaved skin of the face and a neat haircut.Doctors, businessmen, confectioners, dealer, bankers and politicians - all of these professions require the look neat and presentable as it involves regular contact with people.Moreover, every self-respecting man would not allow the dirt under the fingernails.Consequently, the male manicure - it is hygienic procedure, and not the whim of metrosexuals.What distinguishes men from women's manicure and how it is performed, we describe in our present publication.

Let's start with the fact that men's manicure has a number of features due to the fact that the male nail structure is somewhat different from the female.Moreover, for women manicure - a procedure that adorns and complements the image, while the men make manicure exclusively for hygienic

reasons.It is important to note also the fact that the pain threshold in men is slightly lower than that of women, so it's best to avoid piercing and cutting accessories in manicure.That is why the best option for men is the European edging manicure, where the removal of the cuticle is done by means of softening and orange sticks.

As for anatomical differences, the male nail structure is more dense, so rarely exposed to delamination.However, this does not mean that the shape of the nail is not necessary to adjust the men (the shape of the nail formed strictly on the pads of fingers).Well, and what tools are required for male manicure and sequence of this hygienic procedure we describe below.

As a rule, men are embarrassed to go to beauty salons and nail salons, so we suggest that you master the technique of male manicure yourself.Nail file, Cuticle remover, tweezers or orange stick and hand cream - this required set for male manicure, whereby after 10 minutes, your hands will look neat.Well, the following sequence of procedures:

That's it!Just five steps - and your hands look perfect!Well, if you are not confident in their abilities, then you can always ask for their favorite woman to help a manicure or seek help from a professional.After the male manicure not only gives your hands well-groomed and clean appearance, but also is the prevention of fungal nail diseases.Remember this!

In conclusion, we note that the majority of women in the first meeting drew attention to it in his hands, so if you want to make a decent impression, your nail polish should be clean and neat at all times.And given the fact that to perform manicure takes a maximum of 10 minutes, then set aside some free time for this procedure can even the busiest of men.