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How to get rid of acne scars

scars, of course, is decorated with a man, but it is better if they are hidden away from the eyes of others.Especially, if the scar is not associated with the heroic act, but simply a consequence of acne.Can I get rid of acne scars after a man?How troublesome is this activity?What are the means and methods used by acne scars in men?All these and many other questions we will answer in our present publication.

Before we look at ways to deal with acne scars, let's talk about the kinds of scarring, which can be:

main causes of scarring are squeezing pimples is not cured acne and fungal skin lesions.

to medical methods of scar removal include the use of special ointments and creams (Contractubex, Dermatiks), as well as beauty treatments such as laser removal of scars, chemical peels, deep phenol peels, dermabrasion, meso and ozone therapy.

Note that the result of the treatment will depend largely on how quickly you started treatment.If the scar is fresh, then get rid of it is much easier than on the old.

At the same time, we note that from the chronic scar completely get rid of it is practically impossible, but with proper treatment it can be almost imperceptible.

So, for the treatment of hypertrophic scars use special gels and dressings with a pinching action to the scar became smooth and does not stand out on the skin.For this purpose, the injection of various drugs, as well as laser and chemical peels.Treatments with liquid nitrogen also helps to smooth out scars and make skin smoother.

Atrophic scars are treated with medications based on hyaluronic acid, as well as resurfacing of the skin and peeling.These procedures help to level the scar with the surrounding skin.

Keloids difficult to treat, so in this case used surgical excision, laser and special preparations.

physiological scars require little intervention, if the skin repair went well.They are almost invisible, and after some time completely disappear.

To get rid of acne scars by using peelings, will have to spend a few procedures.This result is shown in the short term, but also keeps long.Therefore, to keep the skin in good condition, peeling have to do several times a year.

Liquid nitrogen is well smoothes the skin and improves its condition, but also requires the passage of several courses of treatment.

Grinding person or dermabrasion - the procedure is painless and leaves no traces, but the effect manifests itself in a few months.Also effective scar treatment and laser.There

and home methods of dealing with acne scars, however, and they require the regularity of procedures and a lot of patience.In folk medicine, there are many recipes for home remedies to help cope with the scars.These include homemade scrubs, masks, tonics, compresses, etc.

Which method of getting rid of scars is right for you to solve your doctor.So do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist before starting the treatment of scars, even with the help of folk remedies.Only an experienced expert will be able to appoint a full course of treatment, based on the specifics of your skin and condition of scarring.So take care of yourself and stay healthy!