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How to escape the heat

All winter we are waiting for finally comes the summer, but with the onset of hot days dreaming of escape from the heat.And not because they get bored of their hats and jackets, but simply because in the 30-degree weather feel uncomfortable.A trip to the truck turns into torture, feet stick to sandals, excessive sweating does not feel confident and etc.All these symptoms may be familiar to many men.So is there a way out of this "hot" situation?To understand this question we will try in our present publication.

no secret that all people have their own reaction to the heat.Some people tolerate it quite well, others - suffer and seek salvation under the air conditioner.The reasons for which a man feels bad in the heat, a few: problems with blood circulation, meteosensitivity, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and others.However, if you follow the rules of behavior on hot days, it is possible to avoid poor health.Is it possible to escape the heat?Of course!We suggest you familiarize yourself with effective r

ecommendations of experts.

In each case without water - and not amplitude, and not syudy!

Since on hot days loss of fluid in the body especially large, you should be sure to make up for its deficit.It is best suited for this purpose cool juices, mineral water, drinks without sugar.Therefore, if you have on hand will always be a cool bottle of water, then transfer the heat will be much easier.

Vegetables and fruit - the best food!

To load your body in the heat of heavy food is not recommended, as this will only aggravate the bad state of health, and the severity of the stomach will turn you into a "sloth".That's why hot days give preference to vegetable dishes and fresh fruit, which consist of 96% water.These include watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes.All of these products can take with you to work and have a snack as soon want to eat.Moreover, since these products are low-calorie, you can easily adjust your weight to avoid the heat.

Barefoot in the grass

The heat physicians often recommend to take off one's shoes and walk barefoot on the grass, as the soles are a large number of active points, responsible for the functioning of internal organs.When exposed to these points activates blood circulation, increases the overall tone of the body - and the feeling improved considerably.

In the pool with his head

fans to cool in the river should be aware that in the heat to dive into the water is not recommended because the temperature difference can cause spasm of the heart blood vessels.That is why before entering the water, cool down in the shade.Also not recommended to get under the icy shower: Cold water also constricts blood vessels.It is better to take a shower cool.

cope with sweating

Pot, of course, unpleasant to you and others, but he is the protective barrier in the fight against overheating organism.So do not be desperate to fight his release, especially in open areas of the body.Shower twice a day, using antiperspirants, and drinking plenty of fluids will help you feel more confident, even under intense sweating.

escape the heat in the house will help air conditioners and fans.With regard to air conditioners, it is important to consider that the temperature difference in the house and outside should be no more than 10-12 degrees.Clothes made of natural fabrics, excessive drinking and lack of makeup will allow you easier to survive the heat in the house.

alleviate the suffering in the office will comply with the following recommendations:

To feel comfortable in the car in the heat, get special blinds that reflect the rays, and protective screens on windows.It is also recommended to install air conditioning in the car and often wash the panel, in order to get rid of dust and breathe easier.

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