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How to cure cracked heels

cracked heels are a very common problem, which delivers not only aesthetic problems but also sometimes causes severe pain when walking.It all starts with the usual irregularities and small cracks that will eventually become deeper and inflamed.Gradually, the problem is aggravated and begins to deliver a huge inconvenience and pain.Basically heel crack in the summer, but this nuisance is not excluded, and in the winter, and the problems arising as a result of this, more complicated, and the wearing of tight winter shoes.

First we need to identify the cause of the cracks in the heels, then it will be easier to choose the appropriate treatment.Healthy skin on the heels should be thick, smooth and elastic, because it takes the main weight when walking.If the elasticity of the skin varies, cracks occur, which fall in the sweat, dirt and infection causing complication arises and dermatitis.

The main reason for this problem is the drying of the skin in the summer, while walking in open shoes or barefoot on ho

t sand or earth.Under the influence of unfavorable environment, the skin loses its elasticity and thick stratum corneum cracks.

One reason for cracked heels can be uncomfortable, tight shoes, which causes uneven tension of the skin and uneven distribution of the load on the foot.Do not forget about the balanced diet, especially in winter and spring, as vitamins A, E and F are very important for the normal condition of the skin.Mention may be more serious causes of cracks on the heels - a fungal disease and endocrine disruptions in the body (a violation of the thyroid gland or diabetes), gastritis and violation of the gastrointestinal tract.Treatment in this case have to be dedicated.

For a start it is worth noting that if the dermatitis is caused by a fungus or other micro-organisms, in this case, even the most careful care of your heels will not give any results.Cracks can be treated with masks, compresses, baths of infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs, reducing the elasticity of the skin and accelerate healing.In the salons of the treatment is a thorough treatment of the skin.The extra layers removed, and edge cracks are treated with special tools.In addition, the home is recommended to actively take care of your heels, do contrast baths.To do this, you need to prepare two basin with hot and cold water and turns back to lower leg.In cold water the legs should be kept not more than 15 seconds in a hot - less than 3 minutes.The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes, it has a positive effect on the skin, tones it and stimulates circulation.

best to soften and purify the skin to help bath of soap and soda.It should be 2 liters of hot water to dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda and half a teaspoon of mineral soap.The procedure is carried out for 15 minutes.Foot soak in the tub, and gently massage the heel, without any special effort.

effective folk remedy, has long been to help people, is a honey wrap.Before going to sleep on the heels should be applied to the average thickness of the layer of honey, then cover with plastic wrap and put on cotton socks leg.In the morning wipe the remnants of honey sponge.This treatment should be continued for 4 days.By the same method can be used fir resin.Strong folk remedy is a paste of grated apples or onions.It should be every day, applying it to the soles of his feet, wrapping a thick cloth on top, so you quickly get rid of fine cracks and cuts.It is also recommended that you use for the treatment of zinc ointment.Even two of these procedures is enough to cracked heels quickly healed.Quite often in the treatment of this problem, a folk remedy used potato-based.It should be boiled in their skins several tubers of medium size, and then drain the water, leaving only a quarter of the original volume.Then the remaining water pounded potatoes and hot liquid is poured into a bowl, dilute with cold water and mixing it with soda (1 tablespoon).The resulting mixture needed to soar legs for about 5 minutes, and then carefully and easily rubbed with pumice foot and the heel, foot rinse and wipe them well.After this procedure should be applied to the heel fat cream or ointment based on vaseline, and after a few minutes, remove the remnants of cloth and put on socks.It is advisable to carry out the procedure for the night.

At the moment there is a huge amount of people's alcohol-based methods to help faster healing cracked heels.For example, skin can be lubricated with a mixture of alcohol (2 parts), acetic glycerol and essences (3 parts).Glycerin may be mixed with ammonia.All components are taken in equal parts and mixed well.Before applying this ointment is desirable legs steamed in a solution of potassium permanganate, and wait for them to dry yourself.Then a thin layer of ointment can be applied.It is well softens the skin and helps to get rid of the roughened layers.Folk healers recommend doing the heels of vodka lotions.For this cotton pads or small pieces of linen cloth is necessary to moisten in vodka, attach to the soles of his feet and leave for the night, wrapping a bandage on top and put on socks.On the morning of flaky skin layer must be removed, and to anoint the feet with petroleum jelly or fat cream.It is very useful to do foot bath with white wine, diluted with hot water in a ratio of 1: 3.This tool will help you easily remove the brush layer of exfoliating rough skin.

Oatmeal is very useful not only for the stomach, but also for cracked heels.It is necessary to boil a small amount of cereal, mix it with vegetable oil (5 tablespoons) and put the porridge in two packages that do not elapse.Feet need to put these packages, fix them up and wrap a warm scarf.Then relax for several hours, during the procedure it is better not to go.After that, wash your feet in warm water and blot with a towel or cloth.Next, grease or Vaseline heel fat cream.Within a week of this treatment, you can forget about the cracks on the heels.

Excellent soften the skin and nourish its vegetable dressing.For them, it is possible to use the cabbage leaf, aloe juice combined with onion juice or freshly prepared mush onions.Such dressings is desirable to do at night.You can also make a bath of nettles, for which you have to prepare two tablespoons of dried nettle pour a liter of boiling water and let it brew.When the water becomes blackish and has cooled slightly, you can lower the legs in the tub for 15 minutes.At the end of the procedure, it is desirable to lubricate the heels nutritious cream.Treatment should be carried out every day for 2-3 weeks.

compress from plant oil has a soothing effect, so you can quickly get rid of this disease.It is recommended to use olive oil, but it is possible and sunflower.It is necessary to moisten the socks in oil, then put them on and wrap a plastic bag.The procedure lasts 4 hours.

Tetracycline ointment with apple cider vinegar is very good to get rid of corns and cracks.First we need to make a foot bath with baking soda to the heel to steam, then treat them with pumice, and thoroughly lubricate tetracycline ointment.Always on his feet need to wear socks and cellophane.The next evening, change dressings, which soak cheesecloth in apple cider vinegar and wrap the feet, top and polyethylene wear.On the morning of rough skin can be easily removed with a pumice stone.The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a month.

As you know, the best method of treatment - is prevention.To prevent the occurrence of cracks on the heels, you need to perform a few simple tips.First of all, wear a spacious comfortable shoes, take regular foot bath and remove the stratum corneum, skin softening, use the facilities, as well as include in your diet foods rich in vitamins A, E and F.

If you are plagued by pain in the heels in the morningwhile, in the case of inflammation of the cracks, their reddening or rotting necessarily need to see a doctor who will prescribe a special anti-bacterial treatment.