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Pros and cons of contact lenses

Nowadays, many people have vision problems.More recently, a way out of this situation, there was only one - glasses.But now there is an alternative method of vision correction - contact lenses.As with points, they have their own advantages and disadvantages to be aware of.

If you wear contact lenses more natural vision correction occurs than when wearing glasses.This is because the lens is moved following the movement of the pupil.Moreover, no distortion occurs, change the size and reduce the field of view are observed by using glasses.Another optical contact lenses more comfortable.People who wear them can lead a more active lifestyle, than those who prefer glasses.Also, do not forget about the weather conditions, such as rain, snow or cold will not be a hindrance to visibility when using contact lenses.

Another advantage can be called their aesthetics.Today there is a huge variety of models of points, but, despite this, is quite difficult to choose the ones that will highlight your appeal.But contact

lenses does not spoil your appearance, what is more, it will help to emphasize.As you know, the eyes - a mirror of the soul, and they can be made even brighter and more attractive.

next quite important advantage is that the contact lenses are a much better fit for certain medical defects of vision.For example, they are more effective in anisometropia, a large difference between the eye sight, which can reach more than 2 diopters of myopia and hyperopia of high degree.Therefore, ophthalmologists are much more likely to recommend them for use.

course, in this case, there are some disadvantages.However, you need to know that they frequently exaggerate.Many argue that the contact lenses bring only temporary relief, and in a few years their use vision deteriorates significantly.Furthermore, this extraneous element, and, no matter how secure it may be, is a source of irritation, which can lead to increased risks of allergies and infectious diseases.It is also often said that to replace contact lenses rather difficult and complicated, increasing the likelihood of serious injury with the wrong-doing.In addition, it is quite expensive pleasure, it makes more sense to invest in a laser correction.

So, you need to know that modern contact lenses does not impair vision, on the contrary, when they are used for a high quality vision correction, eye strain less and, consequently, less tired.Furthermore, the inconvenience of wearing highly exaggerated.Many people wear them all safely free from sleep, without experiencing any problems with addiction.In order to avoid possible discomfort, you should choose contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel or purchase day.

from irritation or infection is easy enough to be saved, you need only buy strictly on prescription optics and carry out simple rules for the care.

now relatively elevated traumatic, of course, there is a minimal risk, but in general, remove and put on them is very easy, this procedure, you can easily learn in a few days.Currently, contact lenses are affordable to anyone who wants to buy them.It is also inexpensive and funds for their care and maintenance.

However, it must be remembered that there are contra-indications: acute conjunctivitis, keratitis (disturbance of the surface layer of the cornea), ptosis (drooping of the century), HIV, and Graves' disease.And when receiving hormonal agents (and in particular contraceptive) they can cause corneal dryness.

There are hard and soft contact lenses.Soft made from a composition which is able to absorb water and become soft and flexible, while oxygen passes, i.e. eye "breathes".In most such cases, it is selected, but sometimes preferably rigid, such as in keratoconus (conical cornea), high degrees of astigmatism, and also in cases where a person and simultaneously develop myopia and hyperopia.Hard to choose the best and at very high diopters.Soft as are hydrogel and silicone hydrogel.The second through the central portion of the lens is about 5 times more oxygen transmissibility, which is of course good for the eyes.But in the hydrogel more moisture.

Hard contact lenses are made of plastic, which was quite easy to care for.If they are not wearing any complications that may occur while wearing soft.If you are in the lenses every day, no more than 8-12 hours, it is best to choose a hydrogel.Sleep in them is strictly prohibited.If you need to be in the lens around the clock, in this case, preferably silicone hydrogel.If the hydrogel you going to stay more than 16 hours, the eyes in the evening feel hypoxia (oxygen starvation), will begin to blink frequently.

In some cases, the contact lenses need to rest, for example, when there was a proliferation of blood vessels.This happens mostly when for a long time been used hydrogel lenses.This is due to lack of oxygen experienced by the eye.And in order to compensate for hypoxia vessels grow into the eye, usually superficially and deep.Thus any discomfort in humans arises.In this case, the patient is transferred to the breathable silicone hydrogel lenses or even at a time can be waived.In the same way is to do in the season of hay fever, allergies at this time is best to wear sunglasses.Even contact lenses need to take the flu or colds, because the infection can give complications in the eye.If the lens is rubbed eyes, contact a doctor immediately: the eye needs to rest up until the cornea is not completely healed.

most popular are blue, purple and green lenses.In addition to tinting and color, there are also sparkling, fluorescent and other interesting trends: as a cat's eye, dollar sign.It is not recommended to wear them all the time, because they are dense, enough oxygen is passed and eyes feel uncomfortable.It should alternate them with conventional lenses and holders of normal wear such only intermittently.Patients with diabetes need to choose lenses with high oxygen permeability.Such patients should be regularly displayed optometrist.The fact that the lowered immunity can cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, and increased sensitivity of the cornea makes it vulnerable.Today is a very popular lens frequent planned replacement (2-5 weeks) and day.For the one-off need not care, they just throw in the evening and in the morning put on a new pair of sterile, meaning that reduces the risk of getting an infection.They are especially suitable for teenagers and anyone who is not very disciplined and accuracy.

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