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Midlife crisis for men

defined with the term "midlife crisis" is quite difficult, because there is no clear description of the term.In general, this term lies the long-term emotional depression (or depression), which arises from the revaluation of their life experiences.In such a condition occurs mainly at the age of 35-45 years.During this period, the man begins to realize that in his youth was missing a lot of opportunities, and onset of old age is inevitable process.

main reason midlife crisis can be called subconscious dissatisfaction with life.It may be unrealized in youth work plans or unloved.When a man becomes aware of the fact that with age, his options are limited, he is trying to make the most of everything I wanted in life.It is increasingly beginning to worry that will remain after him, and that he "wills" to posterity.This is a crucial period that all manifested in different ways, but it is quite a natural phenomenon in the development of the mind of any man.

man in this period starts to behave unusually, drama

tically changes its behavior.So, if it was closed and shy, suddenly starts to behave carelessly, even hamovato - in public.But the humorist and soul of the company, on the contrary, can be closed, to withdraw into himself and stay in a dark state.Work is no longer brings the fun and become a burden.A man can remember all your childhood dreams, resign and sign, for example, extreme driving courses.

Sometimes grown man starts to behave like a small, goes spree with friends.At the same time on domestic duties, he does not pay attention.This period is characterized by a different kind "spree".The other half can be found in the notebook husband unknown number of women phones, he often disappears in the evening, and coming home, captured by a foreign female fragrance perfume.In this way, he was just trying to "catch up" time, in other words "dogulyat".In this case, the woman should be with the wisdom to approach this critical period.

Midlife crisis can manifest and unreasonable expenditure.A man without any reason can spend money on impractical purchases - from gaming consoles to a motorcycle or car.Also often in this period, representatives of the stronger sex, concerned about the approach of old age, manic start to monitor their health and appearance.They are written to the gym and drink protein shakes.Established relationships in the pair begin to "wobble".In this case, it all depends on the temperament of a man, he can move away from the second half, or vice versa, will behave like a long time ago, when you first started dating.

This period is also characterized by nervous irritability, problems with appetite and sleep.Of course, not every man wants to share their problems, but still worth a try to find out what was bothering him.In some cases, it begins to point fingers that fate was so and not otherwise.As a rule, fall under the hot hand of relatives, friends and colleagues.

Midlife crisis is not just a male problem, but also a real challenge for women who are forced to endure all the "quirks" of his wife.To a man like you can quickly deal with the problem, it must be maintained.You can use some recommendations which will help you to avoid conflict and facilitate the experiences of men.

First of all, do not worry, behave more discreetly as possible.Pretend not to notice her husband's mood swings, try not to argue with him, the more to sort things out.

necessary to inspire her man, it is very important to instill confidence in the future.Assure him that everything is still ahead, because he is young and full of energy.Such words have a positive effect and can help to quickly cope with depressed mood and loss of strength.Also try to praise a man, do not skimp on the praise and often talk about what he done.However, in this case it is important not to overdo it, excessive praise with or without will look suspicious, and the man will understand that you are doing this out of a sense of pity.So you will only aggravate his depression.Quite often in middle-aged men have a desire to change jobs, buy a new car, or open their own business.Try to keep him in all endeavors, it will give him confidence and adjusts to the positive.

Make sure that the man is not addicted to any addiction, particularly to alcohol.If it did happen, try to return it to the "reality" show your support and remind them what is valuable and what is not necessary for him to refuse.Also, try not to put pressure on his feelings and emotions.Nervous state can not withstand such loads: intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict would force him to get rid of stress, with the result that a man can make a rash and reckless actions.

midlife crisis often accompanied by some weakening of sexual potency.To bring their worth in bed, a man can have a mistress.Of course, every woman's infidelity is a great tragedy, and to forgive is difficult enough.However, in this case it is necessary to understand that the husband has changed, not because you fell out of love, but only in order to re-verify your male power.In order not to bring the case to the betrayal, try not to deny her husband in intimacy and understanding attitude to all his wishes.

If you did everything right, but the result of a long time is not noticeable, it is advisable to seek help from a therapist.However, not every man to agree to such a step, try to convince him that this is necessary for his own good.

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