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How to remove a double chin man

With age, when a man ceases to grow, it begins to gain weight and recover.The manifestations of this is not only in excess weight, flanks and thighs.The effects are also visible on the man's face - he has a double chin.

This unpleasant phenomenon is not only spoils the appearance of the men, but also can serve as a kind of signal deterioration in the physical condition of men.

Of course, it is better to avoid the appearance of double chin, but if it happened already, you can resort to the help of massage, exercise or a special diet.

In some cases, people may resort to plastic surgery.But it is only at a necessity, not a mandatory exit from this situation.

Probably everyone has a concept of it, it looks like a double chin.And of course this phenomenon has its own medical explanation.If a definition of medical terms, the double chin - it is nothing like the accumulation of fat (soft) tissue in the chin area.

Most often, second, or double chin can be seen with overweight people.The same trouble may occ

ur and those who do not suffer from excess weight and fullness.This moment, probably negatively displayed on the appearance of a slim person and bring a lot of trouble.

There can not please the fact that nowadays there are already enough of a variety of methods to help solve the problem of double chin.The main thing is to understand what is the reason that led to the formation of this unpleasant phenomenon.In addition, knowing the causes of the appearance of a double chin, its formation can be prevented.

above reasons are considered major, but the formation of double chin and affect factors such as:

easier and faster just to get rid of double chin - is to resort to surgery.This operation is known as the "lower face-lifting."The specifics of this operation is that it is aimed at removing not only the excess fat from specific areas of the face, but also unnecessary wrinkling of the skin.

can resort to plastic surgery.While plastic surgery special bioniti used, which makes the procedure more gentle.Stroke operation is as follows: behind the ears makes a small puncture in the thread are inserted, which eliminates sagging chin.The period required for complete rehabilitation, extremely short, after a few days you can keep former way of life.

not inferior to the popularity and also the course of mesotherapy or vacuum massage.With the injection of certain drugs (for mesotherapy), breaks the fat in the chin area and restores skin elasticity.The cost of this procedure, some high and probably not everyone is able to decide on the person to plastic and other emergency remedies double chin.

But for these people, there are alternative methods, such as massages and a set of exercises for the face.Yes, these methods are more durable, but still effective.It is best to combine exercises to strengthen the neck muscles, massage the problem area.There is one caveat: the skin of the neck should be strengthened, not stretched.Therefore, the exercise associated with stretching of the skin should be avoided both during exercise and massage.

Massage in principle is very useful and it is recommended as often as possible as a preventive measure.

As for massage to be used to eliminate double chin, then there will be a special place to have a honey massage.

Honey massage is recommended before exercise or a few hours before bedtime.

done it quite simply: the honey is applied to the skin with a thin layer of pounded in a circular motion with the elements of tapping until the redness massazhiruemyh small portions.

After such exposure to the skin should be washed off the remaining honey cool water.If it is necessary - can be lubricated with a nourishing cream.

Another option is the massage massage towel is pre moistened with cold water.

In order to do this massage will require a sequence of actions:

This set of actions will enhance the blood circulation in the problem area, stretch the skin and stimulate the metabolism and restore facial line.

As an alternative can be used massage using palm, which is simply wetted.Driving identical movements massage towel.

In addition, after a massage you can use lotions with lemon juice.They are applied to the skin as a compress.The recommended number of uses per week - no more than three times.

Particular attention should be paid to allergic predisposition to the honey and lemon juice.If a person is allergic to them - it is necessary to refrain from massage and lotion with these ingredients.

exercises are an integral part of the fight with a second chin.

As a rule, they run after massage procedures.Recommended time breaching these exercises - in the morning or in the evening.Key principles of training: the regularity and slowness.

Below is a list of the most effective exercises to help as much as possible string:

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