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The benefits of red wine for men

dry red wine can accompany a sumptuous dinner or to brighten up a dull evening after a hard day.Many are convinced that its use, as well as any other alcoholic drink, only harm the body.Others, on the contrary, prefer red dry wine, considering it a universal remedy for all diseases.

benefits of this drink for the body is revealed and proved the experts.Red wine contains many important elements for human life and health.This amino acids and chemicals, which is not possible without metabolism, development, growth and cell protection.As part of dry red wine also contains magnesium, which is needed for the good performance of the heart muscle, iron, helps in cases of anemia, as well as chrome, which provides a synthesis of fatty acids in the body.Another part of the zinc, which is essential for the acid balance and tissue repair, and rubidium, exempting them the body of radioactive elements.150 g of the drink contains: 127.7 g of water, 15.9 g of alcohol, 0.11 g protein, 0.3 g of glucose and fructose, but n

ot in dry varieties, either one or the other.From potassium macronutrients contained 190 mg, 6 mg sodium, 18 mg of magnesium and 12 mg of calcium, and from trace amounts of 0.3 mg of selenium, 0.69 mg of iron, 0, 017 mg of copper and 0, 21 mg of zinc.

Further, in the fault includes biologically active substances such as flavonoids and kertsetin rezervatol and polyphenols and tannins.All of these substances make red wine a very useful drink.For example, polyphenols removed from the human body free radicals, rejuvenate the body and stop all the negative and destructive processes.

Red wine is often used for medicinal purposes.It promotes the expansion of blood vessels, preventing the development of atherosclerosis, it supports heart function and lowers cholesterol levels.If indigestion is very useful for dry red wine with a high content of tannins, which displays a large number of toxins from the body.In anemia, experts advise drinking 2 glasses of red wine before a meal or during a meal.When vitamin deficiency the drink will help to fill the body with all essential trace elements, amino acids and vitamins of group B. For colds, flu, pneumonia and other diseases of a cold character is very effective Glühwein (hot red wine).With the depletion of vitality 2-3 tablespoons of dry red wine to restore energy, cheerfulness and joy of life.Also, this sort of wine improves the blood, in the use of 100-150 ml per day increases the immune system and tone the entire body, improves mood.Furthermore, the beverage enhances appetite, metabolism normalization, normalization of bile flow and gastric acidity.Another advantage of dry red wine is to enhance the secretion of endocrine glands, normalization of sleep, slowing down the aging process.The wine can be used for prevention of cancer, dental caries and other diseases of the oral cavity.It can be used for dealing with stress.But remember that the main thing in this case is not to overdo it.You can not drink more than 2-3 glasses a day.And for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases is enough one glass before dinner.In no case do not abuse alcohol.Remember that all of these beneficial properties has only good quality wine, but find it quite difficult.The most popular dry red wine is a Cabernet, which can be found at almost any store.

experiments, which were carried out on men showed that natural dry red wine inhibits the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into the female hormone estrogen.Elevated levels of estrogen in the male body leads to a decrease in testosterone levels, promotes weight gain and the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics of female type.For example, long-term elevated levels of estrogen in men can develop gynecomastia - a breast enlargement and breast growth in men on the female type.But red wine reduces the level of estrogen in the male body, helping to increase testosterone.

But do not get involved much wine in an effort to get rid of estrogen.Wine in a large amount, on the contrary, can only aggravate the situation.At night while eating you can drink 50-150 ml.

Keep in mind that only natural dry red wine inhibits the aromatase enzyme.Varieties of low quality wines will not bring you the desired result.This also applies to all other alcoholic beverages, and other wines.For example, a semi-sweet red wine can only do harm to men, because it contains sugar, which is one of the foods that lower testosterone levels.If you are not a supporter of alcoholic beverages instead of wine you can eat raisins red and purple grapes.It is also able to inhibit aromatase in the male body.

addition to all the useful properties of red wine and has antioxidant properties, inhibits atherosclerosis by protecting people from heart disease.For prevention of atherosclerosis are also useful in small doses and other alcoholic beverages.This has been proven by doctors on the basis of these studies, which were conducted during the autopsy of dead people, moderate drinkers in life.It was revealed that the vessels of the people were completely healthy even in old age.

two camps have existed for centuries.Some are supporters of the use of small doses of alcohol as a preventive measure, while others completely reject alcohol in any dose, claiming that alcohol is harmful in any quantity.This applies to the dry red wine.The benefits of this drink do not fully proved, so everyone has to decide which side to take.

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