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Radio wave treatment for snoring

According to statistics, about 30% of adults and 10-14% of children suffer from snoring.Usually snoring does not interfere with sleeping, but it gives a huge inconvenience to his family, who often suffer from insomnia because they can not sleep in the absence of peace.However, snoring - it is not only a nuisance, it suggests that a person during sleep is disrupted airway.This sound is generated by vibration and beating each other soft tissues of the pharynx, the oscillation of the air flow.If respiratory movements, which are provided in a dream job of the diaphragm allows air to pass through an obstacle, the pulmonary ventilation does not suffer, or suffer from a small degree.But if a more serious blockage of the airways having sleep apnea (obstructive sleep apnea), then suffering from hypoxic brain and internal organs of a sleeping man.

There are many different causes of this disease.Basically it is the sagging of the soft palate, elongated uvula, deviated septum, labored on the background of the prese

nce of polyps, growths in the nose or vasomotor rhinitis nasal breathing.Also, quite often it occurs when snoring adenoids (mostly children) and obesity.

As you can see, snoring - it is, above all, a serious medical problem that threatens human health.Solve it can only be a specialist.

Modern methods of surgery for snoring, which is complicated by sleep apnea, will help to restore breathing in just one procedure.This recovery operation lasts approximately 1-1,5 weeks and conduct interventions in the hospital setting is not necessary at all.Such operations are carried out by a radio wave.Holding your breath after surgery disappear in the first or second night, and snoring - one and a half to two weeks.

to the surgery was successful and without complications, should be followed certain rules.

First of all, the doctor needs to establish that the nocturnal respiratory arrest caused it sagging soft palate or uvula increase.In this case, you do not need any special inspection methods are simple enough, but a detailed medical examination and a few simple tests.Only then can you take the decision to hold the residual plastic soft palate.Also good professional should be thought of as arranged and how the soft palate.It provides not only a night snoring, without it is impossible to swallow food and breathe nose.But uvula no special features does not perform - this formation is due to the peculiarities of the formation of the soft palate in the embryonic period.In fact, this kind of "technological projection", but no more.Inside uvula artery passes, the thickness of which may be 1.5 mm, so the cutoff bleeding tongue are many and quite abundant.This means that the doctor should take care that the bleeding has not arisen.At surgery the doctor must also not forget that it should be possible to maintain the function of the soft palate.It is also necessary to tighten the edge of the soft palate upwards by about 1-2 cm, it does not create a scar tightening, otherwise all the work only hurt the patient.

All these conditions must be met in the application of radio wave exposure at which you can not only pick up the soft palate, but also to fully preserve all its functions (so-called interstitial plastic soft palate).In carrying out such an operation does not cause bleeding and scarring, which were formed on the soft palate, do not interfere nor breath, nor the patient's swallowing.The main advantages of radiosurgery can be called benign soft tissue incision with damage only that layer of cells, which goes through high frequency radio waves, without burns and necrosis of the surgical wound edges.Also very good coagulating effect, which allows doctors to operate on almost dry field.

Such an operation is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.In its implementation of the patient is in clear consciousness and does not feel any pain.Generally, the procedure lasts 20 minutes, but it may a little longer, it all depends on the amount of interference.Radio wave method has virtually no side effects and complications.Such operations are quite easily carried and have a positive effect in approximately 80-90% of cases.Over the next month, all patients should be under the dynamic supervision of a doctor.Where indicated approximately 8 weeks can take a second holding radiosurgical intervention.

Thus, the method of interstitial radiowave plastics normalizes your sleep and stop snoring is much faster than laser or cryogenic effects.Furthermore, the method requires minimal patient preparation and imposes a minimum limit postoperatively.

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