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Chronic fatigue syndrome

Perhaps everyone was in a state of fatigue in everyday life after a serious, hard work and lack of sleep.Basically, it goes after a good, proper rest and sleep.If the symptoms persist, then it indicates that your body is sick.Long periods of fatigue can be a symptom of serious illness, namely chronic fatigue syndrome.Attacks of this disease often occur after a viral illness.Fatigue can be caused by taking certain medications, namely funds from colds, coughs and motion sickness, antihistamines and allergy medicines, sleeping pills and contraceptives.The causes of chronic fatigue may be diseases in which difficulty breathing (chronic bronchitis, asthma and emphysema), as well as heart failure, depression, anxiety, low mood, sleep and diet.Fatigue mainly occurs through month after a viral infection, and can be an early sign of some serious diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, anemia, hepatitis, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis).

Usually, chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are not immediately apparent.Bas

ically, it all starts with flu-like condition: fever, sore throat, swollen lymph glands and headaches.After that, very quickly, within a few hours or days, there is unexplained generalized muscle weakness, soreness of individual muscles, polyarthralgia (joint pain), exhaustion after exercise, which is not recovered during the day.Extended syndrome can also include sleep disorders, loss of memory and intellect, depressive phenomena and altered states of consciousness that are not secondary, and part of the structure of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Most often the disease occurs in women.The most susceptible to chronic fatigue syndrome people aged 25-40 years, although ill and can a child and teenager.Long enough in the United States believed that most of the problem is people are too zealous in the work.However, modern medicine claims that chronic fatigue syndrome does not recognize the social differences and affects both workaholics and those who are not so overloaded at work.

Duration of chronic fatigue syndrome in each case is different.Some may recover in a few months, while others experience a progressive deterioration, which can last for years.The most common cyclical course of the disease, that is, when remission alternating with periods of exacerbation.If you feel fatigue, which occurred without cause and does not disappear after sleep or rest, not self-medicate, be sure to consult a doctor.

the presence of organic disease physician should assign targeted treatment.But in most cases, the cause lies in diseases of a psychological nature, which should be treated by a psychologist talks.Specialist after communicating with you will be able to determine what life circumstances or events became an occasion for the manifestation of the disease.Psychologist in the course of therapy sessions help the patient learn to deal with different circumstances and challenges.If necessary, your doctor may also prescribe a course of medical treatment.Typically prescribed sedatives and hypnotics (valerian, hops, St. John's wort), L-tryptophan (a drug that causes the production of serotonin, "happiness hormone") and anti-depressants.

To prevent the disease, with due attention to any signals that your body sends.

should organize your time properly.It is advisable to get up a little earlier, then you will not have to start the day in a hurry and with a sense of fatigue.Be physically active, there is at least 30 minutes a day on physical exercise, it will improve the functioning of the heart, lungs and muscles trains.However, do not exercise before going to bed, it may not, but in the morning you feel tired.Also, a sufficient amount of time to sleep.As a rule, you need 6-8 hours to sleep.Sometimes it is helpful to sleep during the day, especially teenagers with their frenetic rhythm of life and older people who are less deep sleep.However, you need to avoid daytime sleep, if after you will not be able to sleep at night.

It is advisable to stop smoking, because it disrupts the supply of oxygen to your body, replacing it with deadly carbon monoxide gas.If you smoke for a long time, then, of course, it is very difficult to give up this bad habit.But still should try to at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.It is also recommended to use as little as possible of caffeine and alcohol.Alcohol acts as a depressant, it only brings fatigue, without adding power.But caffeine produces only a temporary rapid rise in activity, followed by a sudden fatigue.Yet it is desirable not to use hypnotics because they have many side effects and are addictive.It is necessary to choose an appropriate diet.Some people work better after a light snack, but others need a square meal that normally work.Try to avoid fatty foods, because fats are processed much more slowly than carbohydrates, which can reduce your activity.During the day, should make small breaks.You can also go on vacation, or at least turn off the phone and relaxing at home.Less than watching TV.Many people are looking for him to relax, but sooner or later you will find that you are in a state of slow and sluggish.Relax more active, for example, read or walk.Find a way to calm yourself, listen to relaxing music and slide a hobby, not to be bored in their spare time.More meet friends, go to the event or the theater.Relax and cope with stress can help breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, massage or meditation.Short-term fatigue condition requires, as a rule, a simple pleasure, so that the body "recharged" with energy.In these cases is very useful rest on weekends, holidays or just a small dinner together with your friends.Fatigue will be held, and a new day can start full of energy and optimism.But in severe cases, chronic exhaustion or chronic fatigue syndrome, it is best to help psychotherapeutic treatment.It will help you understand exactly what caused this disease and how to deal with it actively.Of course, such a change will not happen in one day.Sometimes it requires large amounts of energy, patience and support of others.But in most cases, it helps patients regain a sense of joy and lightness of being.