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How to get rid of chest hair in men

few years ago excessive hairiness on the chest of men considered a sign of brutality, masculinity and sexuality.Today in fashion metrosexual direction, so more and more men are asking how and what to remove hair on his chest?Unlike women, who know all about the hair removal since adolescence, men often are not as aware of this issue.Our life as a faithful assistant to provide strong floor several options to remove unwanted hair available today.

essence of the procedure is the laser penetrates the hair shaft, which actually destroys the hair root.However, the place where it grows, still remains so after some time will have to spend to re-correction.Laser hair removal takes only 30 minutes, but to achieve the desired result takes about 8 sessions.It is best to use this method to owners of light skin with dark hair.The result after all laser hair removal rate is maintained for two years, and sometimes the hair stop growing altogether.This is the only procedure that allows the hair to thin or remove them co


cost of one session varies from 400 to $ 500.

This type of hair removal painful enough, but allows you to become the owner of a perfectly smooth skin on the chest after the first procedure.The dense substance of soy wax is applied to the problem area, and on top of superimposed strips of a special material.When the wax hardens in a few seconds, the ribbons are broken - and the hair is gone.However, if you are doing depilation for the first time, we recommend that you carry it in the cabin in order to avoid of infection.

duration of the procedure is 10 minutes, the cost varies between $ 10-20.

The essence of this method lies in the penetration of weak electrical discharge in the hair shaft, followed by the destruction of the hair cells.Using ultra-thin needle electrolysis specialist for 20 minutes removes follicles, paying attention to each hair.Therefore, to achieve the desired result you will need to visit the salon or clinic more than once.Take a look at the density of vegetation on his chest, and you'll see how long it takes to uninstall it.

advantage of this method is the possibility of complete deliverance from the hair.The cost of the procedure varies between $ 40 per session.

gel or creamy preparation comprises chemical components that cleave volosyanok protein, resulting in weakened hair fall and an instant.Duration of the procedure takes 5-10 minutes of your time, and the result is stored for one week.However, some chemicals used in vehicles for hair removal, can cause allergic reactions - burning, redness, blisters, or itching.In this case, you should immediately wash the cream and lubricate the skin soothing ointment.

cost of the procedure ranges from 2 to 10 and more $.

easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair on the chest - a razor to shave the land.Pretreated with gel or foam male breast shave with a razor, and then lubricate the site prodepilirovanny soothing lotion.The result is stored for 1-2 days.

on razor and gel have to spend 2 to $ 5.

If the vegetation on the chest is not very pronounced, then get rid of a few hairs you can with the help of tweezers.Do not forget to pre-treat the skin with an antiseptic to prevent it from becoming infected.

tweezers can be bought for a symbolic price in any specialized department or borrow them from his mother, sister or girlfriend.

We hope that these tips will help you make the right decision and get rid of the problem of unwanted hair on the chest the most suitable way for you.

Good luck and excellent results!