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How to pluck eyebrows man

modern men try to pay maximum attention to their appearance, because the image of the "brutal macho" had long been in the trend.Stylish hair, manicured nails and eyebrows - this is a rough portrait of a handsome well-groomed.And this is not representative of the metrosexual, a man who like most women.If you are still only aspire to such an ideal, in today's post, we invite you to take advantage of the expert advice and learn how to tweeze eyebrows properly.After all, no one would argue with the notion that well-groomed eyebrows look more attractive than fused "Brezhnev" thickets.In addition, competent correction of eyebrows helps to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses male face.Well, let's look at what should be the men's brows, and how to perform the procedure without pain and suffering.

Much happiness fashion eyebrows varies only in the female: they pluck them in the thread, then let grow until thick.Men are also impressed by the naturalness of the maximum - smooth broad band.However, whatever the

shape of the eyebrows, behind them have to constantly take care of.It is unacceptable fusion disheveled hair on the nose, and overhanging eyebrows over a century.So even if you like the thickness of your eyebrows, they still have a little bit shortened.

holders fit a round face shape eyebrows with a small fracture.His need to identify more clearly, if you have to face pronounced cheeks.This correction will give your eyes expressive and visually open its eyes.In addition, a low forehead with the eyebrows shaped with a break becomes more voluminous.

Direct eyebrow shape is perfect oval face holders.This correction makes it visually more small eyes.However, the round shape of the ends in any case can not, because it will only accentuate facial imperfections.

Round eyebrows suitable thin men with high prominent forehead and big eyes.This form must be clearly repeating pattern brow.Your task is to create a hint of a semicircle, leaving the tough male line of the eyebrows themselves.

If you do not decide to pull out the hair on his face, then do a similar procedure, you can always ask your darling.We believe that every woman is happy to agree to help you in this matter.In addition, it is important to note that many men do not have to create the shape of the eyebrows and pull out a large number of hairs.As a rule, simply delete accrete eyebrows on nose and face will look much tidier.

So, for the correction of male eyebrows, you will need:

To mark the beginning of a pencil (borrow from a friend or buy white cosmetic pencil) beginning arcs over the inner eye area and thoroughly clean the hair on the nose portion, using tweezers.Be sure to handle the instrument and the skin around the eyebrows alcohol-tonic.Now attach the template (if any) to the brow, and combed excess hair, remove them.By the way, you can draw a blank template and immediately on his face.Thoroughly clean the bristles are left out of the stencil.After all the hair removed, comb broi and secure fixing gel.

In the future, in order to maintain the ideal shape of eyebrows, to carry out their correction is recommended at least once a week.

So, it is easy and simple, you can correct the excessive vegetation on the eyes and make the face more attractive.We hope that these tips will be useful.

Good luck!

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