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nicotine poisoning

Effect of cigarette smoke and smoking on the body - it is a slow self-poisoning.Lighting a cigarette for the first time for the company, a person should herd reflex and soon becomes addicted to nicotine.But along the way addiction is possible and such a thing as nicotine poisoning.

Prolonged smoking is always displayed on the exterior of the smoker.His skin becomes sallow, bags under the eyes appear, your hands begin to tremble, constantly pursues cough and yellow teeth.Smoking women talking in a hoarse voice, which decreases with age, it becomes male and rude.

For many young people smoking means a slope or lifestyle, but in reality it's just the usual weakness and inability to be themselves.Go with the flow and follow the crowd is always easier than to be wise and not be afraid to be different.Carried away by way of the smoker, people forget or simply do not attach importance to the consequences of smoking.Nicotine penetrates into our body through the respiratory tract into the lungs and absorbed thro

ugh the mucous membrane into the blood.The blood carries it to all organs that are beginning to suffer and premature aging.

scientists through research found that 50-70 milligrams of nicotine to humans are a lethal dose.How many times and is contained in a pack of cigarettes.But the question arises: why do some smokers smoked two or more packs of cigarettes, and thus nothing happens to them?Man saves that most of the nicotine is neutralized formaldehyde contained in tobacco smoke.And over time, the person develops immunity to the poison.

But at the beginning of "friendship" with cigarettes in human cases of poisoning by nicotine.For starters, smokers are poisoning are sometimes forced to give up cigarettes.Others are using "good" friends continue to smoke and poison your body with nicotine poison.These comrades in the case of poisoning sealed off the affected water and promises assure that all this stuff - and soon the condition will improve.

In acute nicotine poisoning in humans severely dizzy, it begins to feel sick, throw in a hot, his hands trembling, and observed excessive salivation.It is also possible stomach cramps, throat, vomiting, diarrhea.Acute nicotine more often pioneers of smoking, but it is possible and when it is ingested with food.This happens in children.

First aid for nicotine poisoning - vomiting call for cleansing the stomach poison.Of course, you need to call a doctor.While coming "ambulance", it is desirable to bring the person to fresh air, give to smell ammonia, wash your face with cold water or sprinkle it.You can also give a person activated carbon.His calculation - one tablet per 10 kg body weight.Therefore, once 5-6 tablets will not superfluous.

Upon arrival the victim doctor administered an osmotic laxative (if it still is necessary) to clean the stomach.After cleaning treatment is prescribed.At home, it may be a special medicine.In a liter of cream should be boiled 5-7 tablespoons of chamomile.The formulation is then necessary to insist 10 minutes.After that, the victim should be given to drink a glass of this healing medicine three times a day.

As for pharmacological treatment of nicotine poisoning, the victim is usually administered Atropine, 2 mg and 5 mg Phentolamine intramuscularly or intravenously.But these drugs can not protect them from paralysis of the respiratory muscles in case of severe poisoning.In this case, attention is paid to the oxygen ventilation, treatment of cardiac arrhythmias induced by catecholamines.

Nicotine is detoxified by the liver.If the patient overcome the initial phase of poisoning, the prognosis is positive - and the recovery occurs quickly.

But the best prevention of poisoning is a healthy way of life, employment, availability of healthy and interesting hobby.Then time on nonsense just will not.