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Paracetamol and Alcohol

Paracetamol is a well known medicine for respiratory disease, SARS.This feature refers to the non-narcotic analgesic drug action.A sick person hopes to get rid of cold symptoms by taking it.What you need to know about the compatibility of paracetamol with alcohol?What is fraught with the simultaneous use of alcohol and drugs?

paracetamol release forms are varied and are designed for different age categories of diseased people.Adults suitable tablet formulation and solution for infusion, small children - rectal suppositories and syrup for children from 12 years - a capsule form of paracetamol.

drug is absorbed very quickly in the intestine, it is metabolized in the liver and excreted by the kidneys.The therapeutic effect occurs within one to two hours after consumption and lasts for a long time.

paracetamol as an analgesic, getting into the blood, affects the thermoregulatory centers.That is, the temperature drops and the heat, the headache is reduced.The range of applications of this medicine is wide.

It relieves tooth pain and reduces fever.One gets the impression that the drug simply is universal and it is necessary to carry as a remedy for any pain.But it is not so.

buying this medication from a pharmacy, you should know when to take it, you should not.Paracetamol has contraindications and side effects.You can not use the drug in case of hypersensitivity to it.Be wary of his need for people suffering from hepatic or renal insufficiency, Gilbert's syndrome and viral hepatitis, liver disease and diabetes.Do not use this medication expectant mothers.In no case can not eat even half a tablet of paracetamol intoxicated.Such interactions can not only cause side effects in the form of urticaria, and nausea, and can lead to more dangerous consequences.After Paracetamol excreted from the body by the liver.Large doses of the drug hepatotoxicity and may cause problems with the liver.

In medicine there is a range of alcohol and drug compatibility.Each drug has a specific hazard class.A total of five, and the higher the grade, the higher the risk of negative consequences after the use of alcohol and drugs.Paracetamol is a fourth class of danger.This is serious.Drink alcohol in the smallest possible dose only after 9 hours after paracetamol.

With regular use of therapeutic doses of paracetamol alcohol adversely affect the liver.That is, people drinking this medicine will not cure a cold.He develops acetaminophen-alcohol syndrome.And the side effects after such a combination will be exactly.At the use of drugs with alcohol can develop various liver diseases.This may lead to toxic hepatitis, which frequently occurs after cirrhosis.

Incompatible alcohol reception and preparations based on paracetamol.These include a combination of drugs and Panadol Fervex, Coldrex and Tempalgin, gives up and Para-trawl Parafeks and Pentalgin, Cold Flu.They enhance the toxic effect of alcohol on the liver and nervous system.

should pay attention to the fact that not so long ago Paracetamol became part of the almost all of the funds in the name of which sounds the word "tsitramon".These are drugs like Citramon-P and Akvatsitramon, Citramon forte.All of the above funds are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, free.Of course, the pharmacist will advise you of these funds when starting a flu.But only you are responsible for your health, and so, deciding on treatment with drugs with paracetamol, at least temporarily put a point on the alcohol.

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