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Second hand smoke

If a non-smoker and not accustomed to tobacco smoke a person falls into the company of people with cigarettes, then he starts to cough.This kind of defensive reaction of the organism from harmful substances, which he unwittingly inhaled.When a non-smoker is in a smoke-filled room for 8 hours, the effect of smoke on it will be like, if he smoked five cigarettes!So, how does affect passive smoking on different people, and what results?

Research state: 80% of all harmful substances in the cigarette smoldering, spread in the air, acting on all the people in the flue captivity.Only 20% of nicotine smoke toxic substances into the lungs of the smoker.Although each pack of cigarettes has a warning about the dangers of smoking, it is not only smokers but also for those around them.

What is passive smoking?This inhalation of air with smoking tobacco products that it contains.Scientific research physicians, scientists from many countries have long proven that passive smoking increases the chances of development o

f various diseases of the body, their transition into the chronic form, disability and even death.Science has proven the fact that passive smoking is a cause of cases of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease in people who never smoked.

say that smoking is a voluntary decision of each individual and does not apply to people around them.However, smokers do not smoke alone, do not close for this in separate rooms and not think about the others.The right of the smoker to his habit ends where it begins right of all people to healthy living conditions.Of course, smokers do not think about it.Yes, and the concept of a safe level of tobacco smoke is not there.There is even such safety standards.Passive smoking - it is second-hand smoke, which inevitably breathing people who are in close proximity to a person who smokes.In this smoke is about 400 hazardous substances, radioactive isotopes and 70 carcinogens (substances that cause cancer in humans).Due to the fact that the body of a healthy person, in contrast to the smoker, is not completely adapted to the action of corrosive agents such person suffers several times stronger.And the most painful fact is that children suffer from passive smoking, pregnant women, the elderly, whose organisms are already weakened.

way, and proved that in public places such as restaurants, cafes, do not solve the problem of specially equipped areas for smoking.Rather, they are beneficial to employers and institutions of administration that reduce the risk of fires.Such zones can not cope with a reduction in the action of tobacco smoke on non-smokers.After all, people are in the same room, and extracts and filters are cleaned only smell, but not harmful tar and carcinogens.Conclusion: Resting in the restaurant area for non-smokers are not less dangerous, than sit at the same table with a man smoking.

Surely not all know that in the body of a pregnant woman's immune system, ie the body's defenses are reduced.So inherent nature, because with the advent of an interesting position these defenses are already working for two.There are so many factors that negatively affect the child's gestation.Passive smoking - one of the most harmful factors.And if a woman lives in the house, where there is heavy smokers, it is a risk factor for miscarriage, fetal fading.If this is a smoker husband expectant mother, then difficulties may arise even in the conception stage.

combination of pregnancy and passive smoking - a challenge for the future baby.And the main harm in this situation poses to the fetus of oxygen in the blood and decrease the development of chronic oxygen deficiency (fetal hypoxia).

planning pregnancy and responsible approach to conceive a baby, first of all, you should put a "point" on the bad habits.Not only women should quit smoking, and as a man who wants to have healthy children.We must remember that tobacco smoke, which breathes the expectant mother, immediately enters the body of the fetus.As a result of constant exposure to the child at the stage of being in the womb will be growth and developmental delay.Then, after the birth, the child will fall behind in mental development.

Today, young people and so difficult to conceive and bear a child is absolutely healthy.It is very rare, because the environmental conditions, stress, lack of exercise at a young age have a negative impact on future parents, their health.A passive smoking adds even more hassle and risk.

Surely all heard that today children are born with mutations (6 fingers on the limbs, lack of a body) and the reason for this large number of carcinogenic substances in the mother's blood flowing and to the fetus.The products of cigarette smoke negatively affect all the bodies forming the child, including respiratory system.And that could lead eventually to the development of acute respiratory diseases, even asthma.Passive smoking mother forms the child a tendency to these diseases.

existing scientific studies of the effect of passive smoking on the body of the future mother and the fetus.The results are expressed in such facts and figures:

other words, being a passive smoker no fault of their own, the woman voluntarily agrees to the birth of children with abnormalities, chronic diseases and developmental delays.

Incubation baby and passive smoking - are incompatible.That is why, when planning a child, we must first convince the household and her husband to give up addiction.

Effects of passive smoking - this complication in women after childbirth.

According to the World Health Organization, half of the children on the planet Earth is suffering from tobacco smoke, as smoke 1.2 billion adults.

Passive smoking in preschool children is such illnesses: pneumonia and bronchitis, coughing and asthma attacks, ear infections, and sudden infant death, malformations of the cardiovascular system and neurobiological abnormalities.

The smaller the child, the more he suffers from the effects of passive smoking.This is not uncommon, because many parents smoke today.And in particular young mothers.Often you can see people walking with their children mothers, who sit on the benches with cigarettes, and kids running around.

Scientific studies have shown that the chances of getting respiratory diseases children in smoking mothers is 1.7 times higher than that of non-smoking mothers.As for fathers, their smoking contributes to an increase risk of acute respiratory infections in children by 1.3 times.Also, science has proved that passive smoking of children - this is an additional risk of developing asthma.

There are studies on the stable relationship between passive smoking and the development of children in their nasal cavity cancer.

As for the effect of passive smoking on children's mental development, it has long been known that these children are far behind in their studies than those whose parents do not smoke.They find it difficult to memorize, analyze, they get tired faster and less sociable.

negative consequences of passive smoking - that is, multiple disorders that occur in adults and children as a result of the constant smoke in captivity.You should know that in the EU from passive smoking each year dies more than 70 thousand people.This was discussed in the studies of the European Respiratory Society.

Today in our country, the former Soviet Union, people are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.They are the most frequent causes of death.Heart and blood vessels, as well as the human respiratory system, amenable to severe stress as a result of passive smoking.Therefore, it is a factor that shortens human life.