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First aid for alcohol poisoning

This can happen to anyone.We are not talking about the traditional hangover, but the adverse reaction to alcohol as alcohol poisoning.To avoid the consequences of such poisoning, you need to know how to provide first aid to a person poisoned.

Alcohol relaxes every man.When dosed and the rare use of alcohol should not cause any adverse effects.

But essentially ethyl alcohol in the composition of alcohol is a poison.The greater the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the blood, the more the person loses the value, the more dulled his reaction.From this and starts a negative impact on human alcohol.But talk about a certain rate of alcohol consumption in order to avoid alcohol poisoning is impossible, because each person is their own.One can drink a couple of glasses and poison, and another much larger dose will not cause such effects.

The most common symptoms of poisoning are sweating and facial flushing, rapid pulse and unhealthy gleam in his eyes.In humans, a bit dulled hearing, he begins to speak much l

ouder.As a rule, it increases self-esteem in that state, and alcohol use continues.

With increasing alcohol blood concentration condition worsens: dilate pupils, disturbed coordination of movements, and sometimes it may be paralysis of the respiratory tract.From alcohol poisoning can be and who fall.

Every adult knows for sure how much he can drink and what kind of alcohol to be normal, adequate condition.After all, this is purely for each individual and depends on the overall health status, chronic diseases and health on the eve of alcohol.It sometimes happens that a man worked hard, experience stress, almost did not eat before drinking alcohol.In this state, alcohol poisoning occurs much faster.

alcohol poisoning requires the intervention of relatives, friends, and assistance to the affected organism.The first thing to do - wash stomach poison.It displays toxins and cleanse the body from alcohol, which did not manage to penetrate into the bloodstream.To do this, the best method is to call vomiting.It is necessary to make a person drink a couple of glasses of boiled water, mechanically induce vomiting.The procedure should be carried out as long as the stomach will not leave the water.Then it is recommended to drink black tea with lemon, but no sugar, honey.It is also possible to use organic coffee and black.Thereafter, the activated carbon to be taken for the final purification of the gastrointestinal tract.coal ratio is calculated from the dose of 1 tablet per 10 kilograms body weight.That is 5-6 tablets of coal will be the normal dose for any adult.Then the person should be allowed to sleep.Sleep - the best medicine for any disease and alcohol poisoning as well.So the victim will recover and come to his senses.

If poisoning symptoms are more serious - and the man lost consciousness, it is necessary to try to bring it to life with the use of ammonia.It gives them sniffing and rubbing the affected temples.

It so happens that next to no ammonia.Then you can try to rub the man's ears.This should be done fast, vigorous movements.It is important that the person fresh air.You can make it on the street or just open the window in the room.The unconscious victim can not wash the stomach.If he begins vomiting, it is important to turn it on its side to prevent choking vomit.Call an ambulance, be sure!Thus, alcohol poisoning - a serious threat to health.To avoid this, it is recommended before the use of alcohol to drink a glass or two of milk, eat some sauerkraut.These products perform blocker intoxication and prevent alcohol poisoning.And best of all to give up drinking.There is no reason - no problem.

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