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Beer and antibiotics

Surely each of us at least once in his life had been treated with antibiotics.This is a common therapy in the fight against many diseases.Often during treatment a person has a desire to be in the company of friends, where tradition is the consumption of beer.How safe combination of low-alcohol drink with taking antibiotics?Than it can threaten a man?Let's face it.

beer Many people believe that the water almost.They believe that a bottle of this drink is absolutely not dangerous.Most people think that beer after taking the tablets in the treatment does not threaten.If this were so, then the manufacturers of medicines in its instructions to the drugs would not have made warnings about the dangers of combining drugs and alcohol.A beer is also a liquor.Yes, low-alcohol, but nevertheless.A bottle of beer is comparable with a glass of vodka.But most men never confined to a bottle.Is not it?In a typical beer alcohol concentration is 5%.

Beer is not compatible with antibiotics, for that matter, and other types

of alcoholic beverages.The reason is that it blocks the action of drugs and renders them useless reception.That is, this treatment without treatment.

reaction of each specific organism on the combination of antibiotics and alcohol is different.Beer slows excretion of the main active ingredients medication.This means that our body thus amenable intoxication.Alcohol directly affects the enzymes responsible for cleaving agents.

beer and combination of antibiotics can lead to headaches and nausea, increased blood pressure, and sometimes fatal.The use of even such a low-alcohol drink during the treatment leads to an increased load on the liver and kidneys.Well, if a person is completely healthy.But in this case, he simply overloading them.In addition, such a combination is fraught with lethargy and apathy, depression and mental disorders, disorders in the circulatory system.Sometimes this increase in pressure can develop into a collapse.A disorder of the gastrointestinal tract are fraught with internal bleeding and the formation of ulcers.

consequences of combining beer and drugs can occur within 15 minutes and last for about 10-14 days.

The consequences can be overlapping and above, and sometimes unexpected.It depends largely on such factors:

There are a number of drugs, the combination of which beer is strictly prohibited.Ignoring this ban can lead to coma or death.Among these antibiotics Biseptolum and furazolidone, metronidazole and Nizoral, Chloramphenicol and trimoxazole, Disulfiram and cephalosporins.

With the above drugs can not drink beer!

If the purpose of antibiotics is to fight purulent diseases, the consumption of beer may simply weaken the immune properties of the body and renew the purulent processes.It should be understood that both the alcohol, and antibiotics are toxic products.If you get them in the body breaks down its natural work.So do not confuse the treatment and the use of alcohol and beer in his number.Especially that antibiotic treatment lasts about 10 days, and it is absolutely taboo for a short period to drink, so it is best to abstain from alcohol.Adults and responsible people are always serious about antibiotics, knowing that running and dolechennaya disease enters the chronic form.So Be able to prioritize!

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