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Plaster of smoking

Most smokers are very important to feel the cigarette between his fingers and draw the smoke.They like to communicate through the smokescreen.The combination of these two items creates a strong habit.But there are ways to win.And one of them - a patch of smoking.Learn more about this method of getting rid of nicotine addiction.

At the end of the 20th century was invented another way to get rid of the harmful nicotine addiction - special plasters.Nicotine patches are fairly simple to use.They allow to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed a day.Their mechanism of action is that they include nicotine absorbed through human skin into the bloodstream.The maximum dose of the nicotine in the blood will be in 6 hours after start of the patch.If a person has formed a stable physical dependence on cigarettes, it is a good tool to help get rid of it.The body receives nicotine simply another way, and then there is no shortage of the signal substance in his brain.As a consequence, there is no need for smoking.

If a person has a psychological dependence on smoking, it can be glued and a few patches, but the result will be zero effect.In the case of the psychological dependence, this method does not help much.

In its basic properties patches from different manufacturers differ little.They can be rectangular, round, square and multilayer, but all contain nicotine.Their size depends on the daily dose of cigarettes a day smoker who consumes.Difference between the products of different grades can be in the amount of nicotine and their duration of action.Some of them are a couple of hours, while others - day.

If you apply these funds are not regularly, and occasionally, their advantage is to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

When a person uses a patch of constant action, in the morning he does not have nicotine hunger.But the lack of such a choice might be a sleep disorder, excitement, risk of allergy.

This patch periodic application.It operates 16 hours a day.Nicorette helps to treat tobacco dependence, to remove abstinence symptoms in people who have set a noble goal.On the face of it transparent with impressions, rectangular shape with rounded edges.Its area 9 22.5 cm. Are the lining of aluminum and silicon in the center.

Nicorette patch is recommended to stick in the morning and take off before going to bed.That is, the nicotine from him in human blood will only arrive in the afternoon.Sleep disorders, he will not call.Nicorette is recommended to use with different nicotine content.

If the smoker with the experience and the relationship is strong, it is better to take the patches with 25 mg of nicotine per day.To use this substitute cigarettes need to 8 weeks.

When the relationship is not very strong, it should start with 15 mg per day.

Nicorette should be glued to the healthy areas of skin without hair.Every day, we must apply it to a new location.

When using this type of adhesive are possible side effects.It headaches and drowsiness, increased heart rate and arrhythmia.

After using the products should wash their hands thoroughly.Use Nicorette patch should be prior consultation with the doctor.

Nikvitin patch is distinguished from other unique number the main active ingredient.The maximum dose of 21 mg per day, minimum - 7. The course of treatment depends on the number of cigarettes smoked per person.But more than 10 weeks course lasts, can not.

Nikvitin intended for use during the day.This square-shaped patch of solid color.Due to the color it is almost invisible on the body.Administration is to do every day at the same time, each time causing a substitute for cigarettes at the new place of the body.

So, patches of smoking - an auxiliary step to get rid of nicotine addiction.But without a strong desire and willpower to say goodbye to cigarettes, you are unlikely to succeed.

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