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Filing for alcoholism

Alcoholism - a scourge of our society, so the cure for this disease, many are looking for.One of the most popular methods of medical treatment of alcoholism is the so-called stitching from alcoholism.The essence of this method lies in the fact that the human body intravenously administered drug or implanted it in the gluteal region.For filing of alcoholism used one and the same drug - disulfiram, which is produced under different names (Esperal, Torpedo, and others.) And causes aversion to alcohol.

essence of this method lies in the fact that, after filing a medicine will always stand out in the patient's blood and at the same time taking alcohol will cause discomfort.Usually, if a person has used even after filing a small dose of alcohol, it rapidly deteriorating overall health, there is heart palpitations, impaired breathing, appears stable aversion to alcohol.

reaction of the body when alcohol use after suturing may be as follows:

The main advantage of this method is long-term, because the absor

ption of the drug into the blood can act for from six months to five years.If the patient does not comply with a sober mode, it can lead to a slight deterioration of the body and be fatal.Realizing the responsibility of the procedure, many alcoholics successfully refuse alcohol, thus having overcome alcohol dependency within a few weeks.

Before the procedure the patient should refrain from alcohol for three to five days and give written consent to the treatment.After filing of alcohol - voluntary procedure, so the patient himself must realize the seriousness of the situation and identify the desire to return to a healthy lifestyle.

Filing of alcoholism is done by a simple surgery: the surgeon makes a small incision through which the input means in gel or tablet form.After that provide antiseptic wound conditions, in order to prevent the infection development.It is important to note that the filing of alcoholism is performed under local anesthesia, so the pain is completely excluded.

A week after implantation, if necessary seams are removed and the wound itself is handled properly.

Once performed the procedure filing of alcoholism, the following rules must be observed:

As for contraindications to the filing of alcoholism, the procedure is not carried out if the person is in a state of alcoholic intoxication, in acute coronary insufficiency, myocarditis, diabetesdiabetes, pregnancy, and in the presence of mental disorders.Also note that the filing of alcoholism is most effective in case if the patient there is a desire to get rid of alcohol addiction.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the fight against alcoholism, a binder is not enough.To the patient to get rid of this addiction, he needs psychological help and support of loved ones to help survive the most difficult periods of recovery.So take care of yourself and your family and believe in success!

you health and excellent results of treatment!

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