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Benefits and harms of non-alcoholic beer

Contrary to vulgar jokes that "non-alcoholic beer - the first step to a rubber woman", a drink that does not cease to use fairly high popularity in many countries around the world.What, in fact, certainly not surprising more people are beginning to realize that even an ordinary beer, at first glance harmless and absolutely not dangerous, fraught with insidious ability to cause long-term and severe addiction.Yes, beer drinking now - for a long time is not uncommon.And suffer from it, unfortunately, as a rule, young people, naively confident that this drink - "no alcohol", and "every day a little bit you can."

That is the most conscious and educated youth for themselves an alternative to the traditional beer as soft.And with young people - thousands and millions of people around the world who love beer, but for one reason or another can not use it or do not want.Among such people for the most part - drivers of vehicles, bound hand and foot, inability to alcohol.And people who have any medical conditions t

hat preclude feast liquor.And women who do not drink alcohol, but do not want to abruptly "drop out" of the "beer company."

Non-alcoholic beer to taste and composition differs little from their "alcoholic" brother.The only difference between them - is the level of alcohol in the drink: it is much less than in the non-alcoholic beer.However, this does not mean that it is entirely free from alcohol, not at all, just in a drink of alcohol is negligible: 0.2 to 1.5 degrees.For this reason, non-alcoholic drunk bottle of beer is unlikely to be detected traffic police employees than non-drivers to use tire pivomany.

However, the taste quality beverage is practically no different from an alcohol-containing analogue, which is also quite understandable.Thus, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beer produced in virtually the same technology - a method of fermentation.That's just from the degree of his "free" or not giving him a virtuous or evaporating.

If we believe the data, which are induced in the network, the non-alcoholic beer production began in 1970.And, interestingly, the work on its creation was carried out in parallel in several countries.This state of affairs researchers explain a sharp increase in the number of vehicles on the streets of cities and the associated increase in accidents, including, and with fatal consequences.To at least a little influence on the disastrous situation, manufacturers have resorted to the tried and tested method - the invention of beer alcoholic counterpart, with only a minimal amount of alcohol.And predict it most were interested countries where beer consumption is raised does not rank in the cult ritual.

Today, using cunning ancestors, non-alcoholic beer consumed by those who love and appreciate its true taste, but become tipsy, and even more so to get drunk, does not want to.And it happens in ecstasy, in the belief that, once a non-alcoholic beer is the amount of alcohol is minimal, and it is not dangerous, drink a few bottles in a row.Drunk-and even from so many intoxicating drink is hardly possible, but the impact on the body of it will be similar to the effects of alcohol beers.How so?And this: liberated from the drink has a similar degree containing their effects on the body.Both positive and negative.

The most obvious benefit of non-alcoholic beer - this is definitely something that you can drink without fear "okoset", as so often happens with strong drinks, and even, for example, drunk in the heat for the purpose of quenching thirst.Non-alcoholic beer is almost no effect on coordination, ability think clearly and make decisions.For this reason, it can be used by people with certain diseases, which exclude intoxication and strongly incompatible with this condition.

Another benefit that can be extracted with the use of non-alcoholic beer - is getting all the nutrients that it contains.And they, in the first place - the B vitamins, are composed of substantially non-alcoholic beer in the same proportions as in the alcohol.

Another interesting fact about non-alcoholic beer, which can clearly be interpreted as a positive quality of it, is the ability of non-alcoholic beer reduces the risk of malignancies.So, at one time, Japanese scientists published the results of studies that the drink helps prevent the body of carcinogens.Studies that have helped to obtain such data, carried out, but only in mice.However, even based on these results, the researchers are already working hard to distinguish from non-alcoholic beer "anticancer" components for future use of these substances in the pharmaceutical industry.

Yet, non-alcoholic beer is able to cause infinitely more damage than bring benefits.First of all - teenagers, men and pregnant women.Thus, non-alcoholic beer because deceptiveness may be a forerunner and a fundamental factor for the further development of alcoholism.First, drinking non-alcoholic beer, people very often - usually the bait caught young immature minds - is gradually transformed to the alcohol analogue.And then, slowly increasing the amount of alcohol consumed, and all goes to the use of stronger alcoholic beverages - to have fun and feel Razdolnoe.

Men nonalcoholic beer, drinks in large quantities and on a regular basis, can provide a disservice to have contributed to the manifestation of their primary female sex characteristics.The fact that this foamy beverage, regardless of the fortress, able to cause malfunction of the endocrine system.Blame - phytoestrogens that are in it, and when it is used, in addition to the stimulation of the male hormone testosterone, is also stepping up the production of female sex hormones.As a result, in the short time it can manifest itself in the appearance of a man "beer belly", swollen breasts, and in the expansion of the pelvis.

But perhaps the greatest danger of non-alcoholic beer - is the presence in its composition of cobalt, which is added to the drink as a foam stabilizer.Cobalt is characterized as a toxic element, which is extremely negative impact on the state and the heart.other adverse changes in the structure of the body, so that even the possibility of necrosis of the tissues of the heart muscle occurs as a result of long and constant use of alcohol-free beer of the heart walls thicken much,.In addition to the heart, also non-alcoholic beer adversely affects on human esophagus and stomach, causing an inflammatory disease.

And, of course, do not be fooled by a mark on the bottle label "non-alcoholic" women: despite what scientists say about the positive effect of beer in relation to manifestations of malignancy, just in case the weak half of humanity, it can cause the development of cancerdiseases.Of course, it is necessary to exclude from the menu of non-alcoholic beer to pregnant ladies - unless, of course, they do not want then puzzle over the cause of the baby abnormalities or epileptic seizures.