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Diarrhea after beer

Nowadays beer is a popular drink in Sereda adults, and among young people.Its excessive use leads to addiction and even to this unpleasant phenomenon, like diarrhea.What are the causes and what to do in this case?

first reason is that the beer - this alcohol.He is even in the non-alcoholic beer.And alcohol and ethanol, it contained, in any case affects the body as a toxin.

The second reason is that the composition of the drink have a lot of dyes and preservatives.Yes, of course, there is a living beer.However, it is kept very short and is still the cause of poisoning and alcohol.

diarrhea or frequent stools may well appear the next morning after drinking a large amount of beverage with the hangover syndrome.That drink overdose leads to disruption of the microflora of the stomach - and the gastrointestinal tract fails.Alcohol contributes to the stimulation of the intestine.He quickly digest the food that it gets.

But in most cases, diarrhea after the beer is a signal that the body is not all good.Beer

might just be the "first bell", which indicates the human disease.It gastritis and ulcers, hepatitis and pancreatitis, enterocolitis.

If beer is consumed regularly, the body just gets used to it, and in the gastrointestinal tract is either not displayed, or diarrhea turns into a chronic disease.And then the therapist will diagnose "alcoholic gastritis."

Very often the cause of poisoning beer is excessive content of a large number of chemicals in the form of concentrates and flavors.The body can not cope with a large number of chemicals that cause fermentation in the stomach and diarrhea, respectively.

Well, any kind of alcohol is harmful, but it is only the consequences of such damage.So no need to get involved in this drink.Even alcoholic beverages with regular use of addictive and negatively affect all vital organs.Therefore, after such poisoning should draw the right conclusions.Beer in small quantities, when used occasionally negative consequences will not cause.So it is possible to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract.Such improvements noted in the forums people who after the diagnosis of problems with the gastrointestinal tract stopped using beer.Not only do they have forgotten about indigestion, but also noted a decrease in swelling of the face and extremities, improving efficiency and normalize sleep.

With regard to the first rescue measures in diarrhea after beer, you need to drink plenty of water, because it is with diarrhea washed out of the body, he is dehydrated.Water is also faster to cleanse the digestive tract and bring the alcohol toxins.During this period better not to eat fatty foods and sharp - it will only aggravate the problem.Let the stomach rest and reduce the burden on him.We must confine ourselves to something lean and easy.In no case do not use dairy products and cheese to cease diarrhea.Otherwise, it will only increase!

few days, it is desirable to adhere to the diet.It can be porridge: rice, buckwheat, oats.They have an excellent effect on the gastric mucosa, envelop her.Fish is best to eat baked or boiled, but not fried.It is necessary to drink black tea without sugar, tablespoon of mineral water.And of course, a week to eliminate the use of even small amounts of alcohol.

If after 2-3 days the diarrhea does not stop, then it's not just beer.And then be sure to consult a doctor.Most likely, the cause of gastritis in which first appeared under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.The doctor prescribe treatment, and be sure to pass it.Otherwise, the problem can develop into chronic.A is - gastric ulcer and in the worst case cirrhosis.It is possible to treat gastritis and traditional methods, if you do not want to use pharmaceutical drugs.

These are problems can arise in the use of seemingly easy, harmless, popular and beloved treacherous beer.