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The effects of alcoholism

Alcoholism in modern society is a very important issue.Therefore, in today's post, we decided to talk about the consequences of this terrible disease, which are facing many families.After all, the consequences of alcohol abuse affect not only the alcoholic, but also a negative impact on its surroundings.What threatens to misuse of alcohol for each of us - describe in more detail later.

begin with personal problems drinker.Alcohol abuse leads primarily to the loss of self-control in a state of intoxication and hangover.Regularly drinking, people are unable to control themselves, because the body day after day requires a new dose of alcohol.Intoxicated, the person becomes more bold and fearless, so hypothermia accidents, injuries, etc.- Frequent phenomenon for alcoholics.It is important to note also the fact that losing a sense of proportion, alcoholics are often poisoned by alcohol.As a result of poisoning increases the risk of liver cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, psychoses.With regular use of alcoho

l reduces the ability to work, why there are financial difficulties and even crime.

With regard to the social consequences of alcoholism, the suspects include road traffic accidents in the stages of intoxication, accidents at work, absenteeism and lost productivity.

On the external signs of the alcoholic is also easy to recognize.As a rule, drinking man looks much older than his years, a person acquires a pinkish hue, and over the years there are pronounced red veins on the face.The skin becomes flabby, and muscle tone is restored only when taking alcohol.

carelessness, untidiness - frequent companions of the image of the alcoholic.

is important to note also the fact that the effects of alcohol is also associated with changes in mental health.Very often, the alcoholic becomes aggressive, it suffers from mood swings, depression and suicidal tendencies.Hallucinations, delusions of jealousy - manifestations, is very typical of alcoholics.

Besides psychiatric disorders and alcoholism manifested neurological disorders.Therefore, cramps, frequent headaches, atrophy of the optic or auditory nerves in alcoholics are not uncommon.

to all the above consequences of alcoholism should also include the distinctive effects on age or gender.Let's look further than the use of alcohol threatens women and children talk about alcoholism.

Female alcoholism differs even more serious consequences than men - this is known to many.If during pregnancy a woman drinks alcohol, the probability of having a baby with abnormalities is very high.Wrong proportions and dimensions of the head and body, spherical eyes, recessed base of the nose, the underdevelopment of the jaw bones and other diseases - that's what threatens the use of alcohol during pregnancy.Moreover, children of alcoholics suffer from congenital low cerebral insufficiency, lack of concentration, aggressiveness and delayed mental development.

is important to note also the fact that the mother's alcoholism has a negative impact on the psyche of the child, who is forced to grow up in a difficult family situation.Enuresis, stuttering, nightmares, stubbornness, aggressiveness - all this is often accompanied by children, who live with alcoholic parents.Emotional behavior of these children, too unstable, so the feeling of anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies - the frequent phenomenon of poor children.Not to mention the fact that these mental disorders cause learning difficulties or contacts with peers.

most common causes of the consumption of alcoholic beverages is a kids 'example of parents' and their antisocial lifestyle.Also alcoholics often children whose mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy.In adolescence the impact of peers who drink alcohol, leads to the fact that the child becomes an alcoholic.

Children's bodies are not protected from alcohol, so a child can become an alcoholic has a few months of use of alcohol-containing beverages.In this case the consequences will be the most terrible.After all, the child's immature bodies under the influence of alcohol are destroyed very quickly.Suffer and liver and cardiovascular system, and the psyche, too.

reception even soft drinks children leads to mental retardation, increase in aggression, cruelty.Without the main source of income, children are ready to go on offense to get a new dose of alcohol.

In the final part of our publication we would like to draw particular attention to the beer drinking.After all, the consequences of beer depending on not less terrible than alcoholism in general.And many a false opinion about the harmlessness of consumption of beer led to the fact that alcoholism has become a glaring problem of our modern times with you.

Beer alcoholism is no different from the usual alcoholism, as manifested in the relationship anyway.Moreover, the regular use of beer leads to the development of many diseases, including violations of sexual and mental development.Alcohol contained in beer gives liver, brain and cardiovascular system.Particularly affected the heart of the person who uses beer.The fact that the beer is very rapidly absorbed into the blood, increasing the load on the heart.The boundaries of the body expands, causing the heart pumps blood and becomes flabby.

It should be noted also beer harmful for the nervous system.After drinking a couple of beers, people get drunk, no longer control himself and often shows aggression and brutality to the world.In the beer contains psychoactive substances that are present in the hops.That is why after the person gets drunk beer as well as after administration of any other alcoholic beverage.However, the worst is the fact that the nervous system becomes accustomed to this narcotic effect and without the use of beer a person can not relax, calm down and relax.

Beer least damaging effect on human brain activity, killing brain cells, which can not be restored.That's why people regularly drinking alcohol, sooner or later grows dull.This is particularly noticeable at a young age, when the consequences of beer alcoholism are most pronounced.The deterioration of learning ability, reduced intelligence - the main features of beer alcoholism.

In beer also contains hazardous substances such as cobalt and cadaverine which poison the body, give rise to inflammation of the esophagus and stomach, provoke hepatitis and cirrhosis.

adversely affect the beer and on the reproductive function of the body.Alcohol, which is contained in beer, disrupts the endocrine system, suppresses the production of testosterone, decreases potency.Moreover, men with beer alcoholism is changing shape, getting the female form, - expanding the pelvis, chest increases, growing "beer belly."

These are the terrible consequences of a beer alcoholism, so before you miss the glass of the second, with friends in the country, think about what may threaten addicted to drink beer.

summed up our conversation today, I would like to note that the effects of alcohol, regardless of age, gender and type of alcohol, leading to irreversible destruction of the body.Therefore, if you ignore the problem, except for death is nothing to expect.Remember that alcoholism - an insidious disease, which "pulls" unnoticed.However, to get rid of dependence is very difficult and not always possible, even with a strong desire.

Drink alcohol in reasonable quantities and take care!